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Lord Jesus Free Me

Writer Author Feon Davis
Type Christian Poetry  - Other

Lord free me to fly with wings Jesus free me when I am weak, and when they is strong Lord Jesus free me, yet you never let me fall into despair Lord Jesus free me to be at rest in your glory, Lord free me when I am weary Lord free me to be your message in spirit Lord free me to soar toward the heaven above Free me Lord to write to my heart’s content Lord free me onl ... Read Christian Poetry

Sail O Ship

Writer Author Tess Laudet
Type Christian Poetry  - Other

Sail, sail O Ship amidst in the ocean Towering waves off the shore keep rolling Wind swiftly blown from horrendous storm Sail O ship open up widely please take me in. Sail, sail O Ship cease not sailing, not now When comrades long lost in the battles are down Calling high in bellows in search for shelter A fortress from afar do they yet behold Remember O Ship the name of ... Read Christian Poetry

Ugly Is as Ugly Does

Writer Author Sandra Perry
Type Christian Poetry  - Other

It's easy to call it an "Ugly Truth". Much easier than admitting that I have an ugly heart. It's easier to call it a "test of faith" than to admit that I failed. It's easier to say that she's difficult than to admit that I'm not loving or patient enough. It's easier to say that I'm waiting for direction than to walk in the direction God's ordained, but that I don't want to go. ... Read Christian Poetry

When I Could Still Turn Back

Writer Author Daniel M. Pietraszewski II
Type Christian Poetry  - Other

Late May starry skies, scent of spring blossoming differently in the slight breeze, almost three years now, still sitting on my back porch, still trying to absorb, wondering where I left myself, what final footstep took me out of a place when I could still turn back? Before flesh was happy (or I could convince myself it was). flesh was proud, stimulated, anesthetized, awakening s ... Read Christian Poetry

The Healer

Writer Author Beverly Roy
Type Christian Poetry  - Other

Before I met you I promised myself I'de stay away from love. To many bruises and scars had I seen. You picked me up and healed my bruises and rubbed my scars away. You didn't ask for much but yet you gave so much. Before I met you I didn't live. I had no reason for being. Before I met you my life was broken but you put it back together again. Now that I have you I couldn't live ... Read Christian Poetry

You are the Bride of Christ!

Writer Author Jennifer Ryan
Type Christian Poetry  - Other

Don't you just love the flowers, ribbons, bells and bows of a classic wedding ceremony? Love so thick, you can slice the air. The bride--the focal point--glorious damask and silk; dreams coming true. Lavish details, no expense spared. Amaretto cake melting in your mouth; fragrant rose and hyacinth. Sparkling diamond ring--symbol of everlasting love. Alas the two lovebirds' devotion unto death is s ... Read Christian Poetry

My House

Writer Author Jennifer Leigh Ryan
Type Christian Poetry  - Other

What is your house built on? No, not your literal “house,” but your house-house. You know, feelings of significance, self-worth…value. The stuff that makes you tick… I’ll confess, I always try to build my “house” on shallow ground. You’d think I’d get wise, but noooooooo. Just a few short years ago my ego was scrambled with my bank account. My feelings of self-worth yo-yoed with the stock-marke ... Read Christian Poetry

Who Are We To Judge One Another?

Writer Author Gary Smith
Type Christian Poetry  - Other

Who are we to judge one another, And condemn people to their Past? Who are we to ever say, People's mistakes will forever last? How can we say we know everything, About people we don't even know? How can other's Spiritual Garden, Be the place we say evil grow? What can we say about someone, Whom we have never met? What wrong can we accuse them of, And say that we will never forget? ... Read Christian Poetry

Are We To Judge Others? (Part 2)

Writer Author Gary Smith
Type Christian Poetry  - Other

When you first entered this world, You were born innocent and pleasant. There were no Future, or no Past, For there was only the moment's Present. Yet, throughout all of Life, People are always persistent, In finding fault with each other, And making them ashamed of their existence. Everytime I see people criticizing, There's a fact that always lingers. That the people with the uglie ... Read Christian Poetry

Judging Others (Part 3)

Writer Author Gary Smith
Type Christian Poetry  - Other

When the blamers see this factor, The TRUTH becomes quite haunting. What they say is three times worser, For the person doing the pointing. When people be realistic enough, To stop doing the blaming, Then they will realize very quickly, It's themselves who deserve the shaming. What they should try to do, Instead of playing "people category", Is take an HONEST look within, And take a ... Read Christian Poetry


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