Lord Jesus Free Me

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Christian Author Writer Lord free me to fly with wings

Jesus free me when I am weak, and when they is strong

Lord Jesus free me, yet you never let me fall into despair

Lord Jesus free me to be at rest in your glory,

Lord free me when I am weary

Lord free me to be your message in spirit

Lord free me to soar toward the heaven above

Free me Lord to write to my heart’s content

Lord free me only to minister what you given

Free me to be among your Angels’ often

Lord Jesus you free me to speak with words of compassion

Free me you have of this disease when I least expected

Free me to have an ounce of your comforter that’s overwhelming

Lord free me to be held by your Grace

Free me Father God in my spirit as I sleep

Free me Jesus to hold another that’s in need

Free me you have to pray, and worship you

Lord thank you for freeing me with butterfly kisses.

Free me heavenly Father to call you Lord Jesus

Even when you free me Lord

I know you not to far behind

Free me a soldier in battle before the enemy.

Lord cause of you I am free because the battle isn’t mine.

Lord Jesus you free me, when you took control

Lord Jesus I have earned not only my wings

I am freed to know you had all control from the beginning.

Now Lord you have free me to be at peace

And knowing He died on the cross to free His children.

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