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Sail, sail O Ship amidst in the ocean
Towering waves off the shore keep rolling
Wind swiftly blown from horrendous storm
Sail O ship open up widely please take me in.

Sail, sail O Ship cease not sailing, not now
When comrades long lost in the battles are down
Calling high in bellows in search for shelter
A fortress from afar do they yet behold

Remember O Ship the name of your Captain
With Him carries along the flag of the Mighty
Day in and day out He never gets sleep
So to keep you afloat a stronghold remains

Hail, say O hail to the One Great Divine
Walking on the waters though waves are steady high
O His hands are open to whoever extend
Holding into His bosom you are forever safe

Now I just remember when He came by my side
There were streaks of sunlight shed down unto my life
The power in His voice echoes deep in my heart
I know then that He always with me stays around

Sail, sail O Ship, hail, say hail to the Captain
Of the souls who when called in faith get aboard
In not too distant time we’ll finally disembark
To the land beautiful reaching there triumphant.

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