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Sower of His Precious Seeds

Writer Author Jason Kirk Bartley
Type Christian Poetry  - Encouragement
Posted Monday, February 4, 2013

I'm a sower of your precious seeds, Holy Spirit take the lead, Prayer is all we need, soften the hearts of many lost and in need. Till the ground and plant your seed. I'm a sower of your precious seeds. Pray for those who have a need. God grant me a shepherd's heart, to reach the lost, they're falling apart. I'm a sower of your precious seeds, for all who enter, pea ... Read Christian Poetry

God In the Valley

Writer Author Jason Kirk Bartley
Type Christian Poetry  - Encouragement
Posted Wednesday, November 7, 2012

One bright day I awakened, not feeling my best. I wondered deep within, if this was some kind of test. But, I dropped to my knees and prayed, and sent praises from my heart. He's still God in the valley, when it feels like things are falling apart. He knows what will happen way before us. We need him as our guide. Without him we are bust. God in the valley, It's this ... Read Christian Poetry

Sweet Spirit

Writer Author Chris Roe
Type Christian Poetry  - Encouragement
Posted Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sleep peacefully, Upon your journey Sweet spirit. Such caring love, Such strength of courage. A smile to touch the soul, A smile of hope, A smile of truth. Sleep peacefully, Upon your journey Sweet spirit. The above poem, written by myself, Chris Roe, is from my self-published collection of work entitled " In Search of Silence", more details of which can be seen at www. ... Read Christian Poetry

I Choose You

Writer Author Jason Kirk Bartley
Type Christian Poetry  - Encouragement
Posted Thursday, December 8, 2011

I choose you God, when the going gets tough. I choose you God, though I feel I'm never enough. In a sinful world, which tempts and tries. Only on you will I keep my eyes. I choose you. I choose you, Lord, to guide my way. I choose you for that brighter day. In my weakness, yet am I strong, 'cause I choose you all the day long. You're the Lord of my morning when ... Read Christian Poetry

Lord, Let Me Walk With A Cane Through Life

Writer Author Tim Johnson
Type Christian Poetry  - Encouragement
Posted Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lord, let me walk with a cane through life, If I cannot walk straight and tall. For its better to walk with stride impaired, Than to let life’s journey stall. To serve out your purpose, Your kingdom to bring, To complete what you’d have me start. Tho’ physical needing, I’m joyful proceeding, With true strength that comes from the heart. ... Read Christian Poetry

The Lord Above Stands With You

Writer Author Tim Johnson
Type Christian Poetry  - Encouragement
Posted Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Lord above stands with you, when you think alone you stand. Just to see His face, to feel His embrace, and know He holds your hand. He walks along beside you, forever in faithful stride. By His Grace, Love and Touch, it means ever so much, to know He is by your side. And when life’s journey is finished, and you come before God’s throne, you shall not have a care, for to kn ... Read Christian Poetry

Oh, Let Me Climb My Mountain, Lord

Writer Author Tim Johnson
Type Christian Poetry  - Encouragement
Posted Friday, June 18, 2010

Oh, let me climb my mountain, Lord, one step at a time. Looking ever upward, and never more behind. For stumbling comes so easy, when distraction intervenes. May we never loose our focus, with worldly driven scenes. The climb shall build endurance, our eye upon the crest; that lies beyond this temporal world, and in Eternal rest. Oh, let me climb my mountain, Lor ... Read Christian Poetry

If I Will Have To Go

Writer Author Tess Laudet
Type Christian Poetry  - Encouragement
Posted Tuesday, May 25, 2010

If I will have to go, If it's time to depart, From this beautiful world, You and I did our part, I will take the pleasure To beacon what God's will As I know further there Is a better place to stay. If I will have to go, I'm hoping for the strength To stand before the Lord And delight at his grace. I will raise up my hands And submit all I've done Whether rightful o ... Read Christian Poetry

My Rainbow, Your Rainbow

Writer Author Jerry Lee Kay Sr.
Type Christian Poetry  - Encouragement
Posted Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Even though I see darkness of clouds in the distance I feel the closeness of His Spirit, and mighty existence A warm glow from this fire He placed deep within my Heart Makes the clouds as though a rainbow to me He does impart I see people falling to the left and right, many burdened and filled with strife He gave me a multicolor rainbow and a color that covers every proble ... Read Christian Poetry

My Own Red Sea

Writer Author Patricia Diane Buie
Type Christian Poetry  - Encouragement
Posted Monday, May 10, 2010

God, I face my own red sea please part these troubled waters for me In front I see- water of such large quantity- I cannot swim, I have no boat and I can only wish this was a moat! :) Behind me now I see thousands of Egyptians chasing me! Thunderous hooves hit the ground the earth quakes at its sound Their teeth are bared and I am scared! Lord, I am truly stuck and s ... Read Christian Poetry

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