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The Ladder

Writer Author Jason Kirk Bartley
Type Christian Poetry  - Christianity
Posted Friday, March 22, 2013

I want to move on up the ladder, 'till Heaven's in view, See some of my relatives that made it, to Jesus they stayed true. This ladder held by Jesus, Holy Spirit my guide, Word of God engrafted in my heart, God to ensure I do not slide. The prayers of the Saints go up, I dare not look down now. God has placed me in his hands. What's fear anyhow? As I reach the to ... Read Christian Poetry

The Call

Writer Author Jason Kirk Bartley
Type Christian Poetry  - Christianity
Posted Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I love the maker of the wind and the waves. His precious blood, atones and it saves. I’m not worthy of his righteous call. He laid down a sinless life to lift up us all. The cross, the cross, it often speaks to me, Of Christ’s sacrifice laid on Calvary. I’ll lose my life and forsake all , Just to carry his cross, fulfill my call. ... Read Christian Poetry


Writer Author Elizabeth Parker
Type Christian Poetry  - Christianity
Posted Monday, February 4, 2013

I was in darkness, I could not see The love that Jesus had for me I was lost without a prayer Jesus came and found me there He raised me up so I could see His glory that surrounded me He set my feet on higher ground And said for you, I have a crown If you obey my commands Walk with Me and hold My hand Together.. there's nothing we can't do You in Me and Me in you Walk w ... Read Christian Poetry

In Jesus's Footsteps

Writer Author Jason Kirk Bartley
Type Christian Poetry  - Christianity
Posted Thursday, April 26, 2012

In his footsteps, I follow along, singing a hymn, singing his song, of salvation that rings through the ears of his believers. In Jesus's footsteps, exact I will be, following along so faithfully. Temptations will come, trials will roar. I'm in his footsteps forevermore. In his footsteps, God guides me on. What an honor to follow his only begotten Son. I lea ... Read Christian Poetry

I Sing an Ever Old Song By Jason Kirk Bartley

Writer Author Jason Kirk Bartley
Type Christian Poetry  - Christianity
Posted Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I sing an ever old song, loud from my heart and all the day long. No commandment is new. Everything is true. My love shines as the Eastern sky. I sing an ever old song, like the birds in the sky, full of joy, I know why. This song is ever stuck on my mind. I sing an ever old song, about my Jesus who came along. He set captivity free, made a way for you and for me. ... Read Christian Poetry

The Centurion

Writer Author Tim Johnson
Type Christian Poetry  - Christianity
Posted Thursday, September 2, 2010

The centurion knelt at the foot of the cross, looking up at the man hanging there. “Surely this man was the Son Of God.”, he’d just been moved to declare. “But what do I now with this knowledge?” he asked. “What did this day I learn?” “What change will be wrought, what differences sought, when I to my legions return?” “Will I follow still the orders of man, with conquest my only g ... Read Christian Poetry

My First Love

Writer Author Wyn Barratt
Type Christian Poetry  - Christianity
Posted Friday, May 28, 2010

You were my first love when I was so young Led by my Mother whose faith was so strong. I knew then, my sinfulness, my need of Your love Heart bursting with gratitude for my Lord up above. Oh what great deeds I purposed to do Countries I would travel to and prove my love true But You always took me in Your gentle hands And whispered, ‘Take it slowly now, I’ll show you your ... Read Christian Poetry


Writer Author Leah A. Brown
Type Christian Poetry  - Christianity

I must demonstrate the plan in me God did create. I must anticipate the tests and trials for the work is great. These words that God has placed in me must come forth and attest to the victory we have in Jesus' name. I can't contemplate the purpose and plan my season is now and the time is at hand.My spirit speaks with urgency of a greater feat my eyes can't see; And though I hesitate to do w ... Read Christian Poetry


Writer Author Sandra Perry
Type Christian Poetry  - Christianity

Insulated, protected, hidden. No risk taking, please. I’ve never been tightrope walking, and I’ve no interest in what’s out on a limb. Yeah, I see the harvest. Looks pretty white to me, but do I really have to go OUT THERE? It’s scary out there, you know. Big lions prowling about seeking stuff to devour. Couldn’t I just write a check? My armor’s at the cleaners? I couldn’t possib ... Read Christian Poetry


Writer Author Jeff Watts
Type Christian Poetry  - Christianity

Submitted to one another with Christ at the center will find love as the treasure peace, strength, and hope together joy and contentment increasing in measure support and committment the endeavor patience and kindness expressed so as not to sever jealous, envious, boastful, proud, haughty, selfish, rude... never. Irritable, touchy, holding grudges, noticing wrongs only hinder. Not glad ... Read Christian Poetry


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