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Christian Author Writer I must demonstrate the plan in me God did create.
I must anticipate the tests and trials for the work is great.
These words that God has placed in me must come forth and attest to the victory we have in Jesus' name.
I can't contemplate the purpose and plan my season is now and the time is at hand.My spirit speaks with
urgency of a greater feat my eyes can't see;
And though I hesitate to do what I think is best for me
The Holy Ghost within beseeches me to draw nigh to thee.
Your plan for my life I do not know, yet your word tells me to be ready, willing and able to go.
So why have I allowed this spirit of slothfulness to interfere with your sweet caress of my mind, gifts, purpose and talents?
It's all simply a trick of the enemy for me to give into my flesh and lose sight of victory.
So for three days and three nights Lord I will consecrate
Three questions in mind in prayer I will concentrate
Bowing on my knees, laying on my face on you God will I meditate,
On the answers to my prayers and the calling on my life I wait,
To hear your voice speak and chastise, correct and revive and strip away at my sinful ugliness and adorn me in the beauty of holiness
So I might walk upright before you and fulfill what you have called me to do.

©2002 Leah A. Brown Used with permission.

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