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Thanks For Listening

Writer Author Tim Johnson
Type Christian Article  - Other
Posted Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Odd at first glance to think of and consider "Thanks For Listening" when dealing with a written word. But consider again, does something always have to be audible to be listened to? Certainly not if the listening is done with the heart. There is a concept for which I am not acquainted with the full origin, but I nonetheless understand and appreciate. It is the "lebh shomea", the "listening hea ... Read Christian Article

Roll Call

Writer Author Dixie Phillips
Type Christian Article  - Other
Posted Saturday, August 23, 2008

James Black scurried through the back alley mumbling to himself, "Good thing I found this shortcut or I'd be late for my next appointment." A young girl stood on her porch and watched the stranger hurrying past her house at a rapid pace. "People sure are in a hurry these days." She sighed. With a quick swipe of her tattered broom, she attempted to sweep some debris in a pile. James glanced ... Read Christian Article

We Could Have Been Killed!

Writer Author Terry J. Butler
Type Christian Article  - Other

Its late Sunday morning approaching 11:00 AM and my wife & I are heading home from a late breakfast trip. We're west bound on a two-lane rural highway cruising nicely around 60. The sun is at our backs, the sky is clear, our stomachs are full and we’re on a stretch of road that has some nice curves & hills. We’re not talking much - just enjoying the cool, clear morning, being together and listenin ... Read Christian Article

Are You in Pieces or At Peace?

Writer Author Patricia Couchman
Type Christian Article  - Other

"Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you, not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid." John 14:27 Jesus spoke these words to His disciples as He was preparing to die on the cross. I had heard these words before but never knew what that peace was or how it felt. In fact there was a time in my life when I didn't have any peace at all. ... Read Christian Article

PAST: Perfect! PRESENT: Tense! Insights From One Woman’s Journey As The Wife Of A Widower

Writer Author Julie Donner Andersen
Type Christian Article  - Other

While conducting research for my book, I had contacted and communicated with over 100 WOWs (Wives Of Widowers). In order to find a common thread among all of us, I posed questions to each of them regarding what issues they had dealt with as a WOW. Oddly enough, the results of this survey often prompted me to reassure these women by uttering a quasi-patronizing, “That’s OK. It’s only human”. It ... Read Christian Article

Delivered from the Hurt of Abuse and the Scars of Sin

Writer Author Pastor Shelia Holcomb
Type Christian Article  - Other

My Testimony of God’s Amazing Grace Before I begin my testimony I feel it is important to give you some information on my childhood, so you will be better able to understand some of the decisions I made in my life, however stupid they may have been. But every decision I have made during my lifetime, good or bad, is what has brought me to where I am now and I am very thankful for the mountains ... Read Christian Article

Lessons On My Journeys

Writer Author Jerry Lee Kay Sr.
Type Christian Article  - Other

I made rows in the sand and planted seed that I had gathered from my journeys and prayed for rain. The ground that I planted was dry and parched and was in need of water, but the rain did not come. And I remembered from one of my other journeys that there is a river, and it is not far from here. So I mused, what I need is a ditch from the river to bring the water to my garden, and I heard the wor ... Read Christian Article

His Promise

Writer Author Nana Yaa Larbi
Type Christian Article  - Other

Teaching your grandmother to suck eggs was a phrase I found so amusing as a child because of the images I had of it. My Scottish teacher taught my class this phrase when I was a little girl in Ghana. The accurate explanation of it was not quite as interesting as the images it conjured. In a way, that is how some of us treat the Bible even though it has been around for centuries. We think we can ... Read Christian Article

If "All Things Are Possible,” Why Can't I Balance My Checkbook?

Writer Author Rev. James L. Snyder
Type Christian Article  - Other

For me, the most terrible time of each month is the day our bank statement comes. We commonly call it BSS (Bank Statement Syndrome). I don't know why it is, but I have trouble getting the parsonage checkbook to balance with the monthly bank statement. That ominous document intimidates me every time it arrives. After all, the bank's business is keeping track of accounts. They have hundreds, mayb ... Read Christian Article

Pastors and politicians; It's my party, I'll cry if I want to.

Writer Author Rev. James L. Snyder
Type Christian Article  - Other

Gary Hemsely was running for some county political position — I've forgotten which one now. What I do remember is that he was a member of my church at the time. Sometimes a pastor can get between the Rock of Ages and a politician without trying too hard. That seemed to be my predicament with Gary. In all things political, I have maintained one basic philosophy: Ask not what your country can do ... Read Christian Article

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