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Friendly Fire

Writer Author Elizabeth Parker
Type Christian Article  - Relationships
Posted Thursday, February 13, 2020

Friendly fire is a military term which refers to the discharge of a weapon which results in death or injury among fellow soldiers or allies. Where friendly troops are mistakenly attacked in the belief that they are the enemy. But I believe we are all on the same side here. Are we not all soldiers for Christ! Are we not all in the same army? We need to know who the real enemy is! It is not your bro ... Read Christian Article

Stop Pumping Them Up

Writer Author Elizabeth Parker
Type Christian Article  - Relationships
Posted Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I see this problem oh too often! People who have a tendency to raise other people up, they put them on pedestals. They raise them high above anyone else. Maybe it's because they have an extraordinary education or a title or a position as an author, teacher or preacher. Whatever the reason, they're creating minigods in their minds and hearts. They find themselves looking to 'man' instead of God, al ... Read Christian Article

Letter to My Daughter

Writer Author Shannon Keith
Type Christian Article  - Relationships
Posted Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sweet daughter, our relationship was not formed by mistake as Psalm 139 tells us "In your book were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there were none of them". You were given to me as a gift from God. From the first day I felt you inside of me to the mornings that we argue over your hairstyle for the day. God knew that you would be a part of me and me a par ... Read Christian Article

Sweet Memories

Writer Author Jerry Lee Kay Sr.
Type Christian Article  - Relationships
Posted Monday, May 24, 2010

My daughter is very special to me and when she was a very young child, being female by birth, she inherited certain skills that only the ladies inherit. I never went anywhere without her, I mean anywhere. Needless to say, Poppa and Tootie was tight. Rarely, but on occasion, she would do something that would require me to correct her. Sometimes it would be that she upset me to the point of ... Read Christian Article

The Effects Of A True Friendship!

Writer Author Bob Arba
Type Christian Article  - Relationships
Posted Tuesday, July 1, 2008

For most of his life Jim was strong in his faith. But today he found himself at a point in his life when his faith is put to the test. He found himself questioning whether God really cares. Does God really understand my situations? Why doesn’t God answer my prayers anymore? At one time early in his Christian life Jim had a close intimate relationship with God. At one time in his life h ... Read Christian Article

Even More

Writer Author Keriena Tillery
Type Christian Article  - Relationships
Posted Tuesday, June 3, 2008

One of my dad's favorite stories of me is of when I was about 6yrs old and he would take care of me whenever my mom went out of town. He only knew how to cook one thing: french toast. So we'd have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner...for days. It didn't bother me, though, because I loved french toast. And I appreciated what he did for me. I remember he used to serve it to me in bed, on a tray, w ... Read Christian Article


Writer Author Jean Madigan
Type Christian Article  - Relationships

When I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior a few years ago, I developed a friendship with a woman who became my mentor. Sara taught me how to read the bible, and how to apply it to my life. I became very attached to her. We thought alike, had the same fears, and shared the same way of thinking. We were like sisters, and our husbands were friendly toward each other, if not exactly buddies. ... Read Christian Article

How To Have An Argument With Yourself And Win

Writer Author Rev. James L. Snyder
Type Christian Article  - Relationships

Throughout the years, I'm happy to report, I have learned a thing or two about myself. My only regret is I have not learned more than a few things. I could make a long list of things I have not yet learned in life. My hope is, of course, to shorten this list drastically. Presently, I want to zero in on one thing I have learned, which has stood me in good stead for many years; how to have an arg ... Read Christian Article

In My House, If It's Broken I Bought It

Writer Author Rev. James L. Snyder
Type Christian Article  - Relationships

Often a store has a sign with the warning, "You break it, you bought it." This is to keep people from carelessly handling the merchandise. I'm thinking of another sign, which should be posted all through my house. "If it's broken, I bought it." This is not to say everything in my house is broken, but to point out that everything has a breaking point. And, it's not to say I can't fix anything. I ... Read Christian Article

In 2005 Control Is A Remote Possibility

Writer Author Rev. James L. Snyder
Type Christian Article  - Relationships

One item topping my list of New Year's resolutions could potentially alter my life, as I now know it. And it has to do with my relationship to the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage. I'm not inferring any trouble in paradise these days; I wouldn't know if there was trouble, anyway. Nevertheless, I think my relationship to her could improve 100 percent — which needs a foolproof plan. Being a cer ... Read Christian Article

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