Stop Pumping Them Up

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Christian Author Writer I see this problem oh too often! People who have a tendency to raise other people up, they put them on pedestals. They raise them high above anyone else. Maybe it's because they have an extraordinary education or a title or a position as an author, teacher or preacher. Whatever the reason, they're creating minigods in their minds and hearts. They find themselves looking to 'man' instead of God, always looking to that person for approval.

They put them on a pedestal that gets taller and taller. When the pedestal starts to totter, the person doesn't have anywhere to go. If he/she realized that they had a problem and felt the need to talk about it, their place on the pedestal sometimes fills him with pride and thus fear of rejection. Afraid someone will see them as they really are, human and won’t love them anymore. They’re afraid to ask for prayer if they’re sick because…hey, that would make them human. So they suffer in silence and pain. They wear the mask! They put on this façade as if everything is just hunky dorey.

And they fall. And because the pedestal is now so high, they hit the ground hard. And guess what…we did it to them!

Jesus was perfect, people are not!

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