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Christian Author Writer My daughter is very special to me and when she was a very young child, being female by birth, she inherited certain skills that only the ladies inherit.

I never went anywhere without her, I mean anywhere. Needless to say, Poppa and Tootie was tight.

Rarely, but on occasion, she would do something that would require me to correct her. Sometimes it would be that she upset me to the point of me threatening to spank her little bottom.

The memories of those years sometimes flood my soul, and my minds eye can see this scenario.

"Tootie you better quit pinching your little brother!!"

"Tootie, what's the matter, you can't hear me?"

"I said quit pinching your brother!!!!!!"

"Ok you have done it now!! I'm gonna spank your hiney!!!!!!"

Poppa is jumping up to his feet and starting towards her and she falls to the floor and starts saying,

Now tell me, what would you do?

Yep, you're right. I couldn't do it!!

As soon as she realized that she had outfoxed me she would burst into a little song, and always the same song. This is the song see if you know it.

Jeja lubs me dis I no caus DA biba Tel me so
It worked agin Jeja, I sur do lub you Jeja.

Now she is 46 years old and occasionally she will taunt me and sing it to me again just to get me laughing.

Works every time!

God bless you for listening to an old man's sweet memories.


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