Songs Of The Bridehood - Part 6

Writer Author  Jerry Lee Kay Sr.
Christian Article : God  - Fiction  No

Christian Author Writer I Am Spirit. I Am the breath of life. I Am He that breathed upon the seas.
I Am the mysteries of time. I Am that I Am.

I Am the wind that bloweth where I listeth. I Am the singer of the song. I Am the singer of the dawn. I Am the song.

I Am the dancer, I Am the dancer of the Song. I Am fire and wind. But I Am indestructible. I Am not shadow.

Bring me song, fire and dance. But not shadow. Nay go away, and do not speak to me in shadows. Catch me wind and flame. But not of this earthly tangible shadow of it. Bring me not your sacrifices. For they are but shadows Nay, they are just shadows of shadows.

Bring me songs of living waters, as bubbling from the depth of your soul, as pearls the sea hath left behind. Bring me blazing fire as from the hearth of your heart. This is my song, it is like a star that dances nightly in space. It is as a breath of wind.

You are of the elements, a phantom, a mystery, begot of my thought, and born in clay, in whom I place my spirit, do not dream away your life in shadow. You are of the mysteries of time.

You are a child of Nature’s womb, your mother gave you birth, now sing as mourning doves sing unto the ears of dawn, to the dew-rose opening on the tree, you are the crown, the peak, the summit of the scheme, the pride and glory of the hand of God.

Behold the sunrise, see how the hills leap up, the young winds sing, the rivers dance, the greening forests laugh, the eagles scream. For you are one with them, a brother, a mate, bound by nature to the soul.

Dance with them, laugh and sing, let your heart rejoice and be glad, for you share the same cup, but are of My spirit, the Singer of the dawn.

From the tops of the hills, the city of God, you shall behold me. I hide myself to the foolish, and reveal myself to the wise. Look thou upon me, and ye shall live, sin will die, and is only a lie made of mud and death, but be ye filled with holy breath. You are mystery of time. You are the circle of life. I Am the teacher of the song, I Am the Song, I Am the circle of life...I Am that I Am.

God Bless You

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