We Could Have Been Killed!

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Christian Author Writer Its late Sunday morning approaching 11:00 AM and my wife & I are heading home from a late breakfast trip. We're west bound on a two-lane rural highway cruising nicely around 60. The sun is at our backs, the sky is clear, our stomachs are full and we’re on a stretch of road that has some nice curves & hills. We’re not talking much - just enjoying the cool, clear morning, being together and listening to K-love when we topped a small hill that runs down a draw with a creek crossing. My attention is momentarily drawn to a black SUV coming towards us in the east bound lane. Then as we and the SUV get to within 300 feet of each other a deer, a light tan kamikaze doe, comes out of no where splitting the difference between us and the SUV that’s already past by. 

OH, did I mention that we chose the motorcycle for this particular trip?

For anyone who's been in a crash or life-threatening event you’ll understand when I say that time and senses are inversely proportional in these situations. As time slows to a crawl, all senses go on heightened alert. In the blink of an eye, I evaluated; "I can't go left, big SUV..... can't go right - the deer's headed that way plus a ditch and I can't stop in time to avoid Mrs. Doe." So, I accelerated slightly, eased towards the center line and braced for the impact as I starred at the ribcage of Mrs. Doe, then “BAM!” The impact jarred the handlebars, caused us to wobble a bit but we stayed up! After the impact and two-wheel shuffle my wife, who was gazing upon the countryside oblivious to the entire situation said, "what was that?" "A deer, I said calmly." "Road kill, she asked in a slightly higher tone?" "No! A deer just ran out in front of us and we hit it, again in a calm reply.” There was silence as the statement sunk in followed by, "WHAT, in still a higher tone!?" Then she said, "I heard a crunch but thought we’d just hit road kill." I said, "no, that was the back legs of the deer you heard breaking!" Up to this point I was still calm but my wife was able to change all that, doing what Mrs. Doe couldn’t with, "Oooh, Poor deer!" "Poor deer, I said, no longer so calm, we just did something that doesn't happen very often a motorcycle hitting a deer and not crashing and you’re worried about the deer!”

By now, time and senses had returned to their normal states and we remained quiet as the experience sank in. Then we talked about it some more as I explained exactly how things played out. When we got home I checked for damage. Amazingly, there was only a bent highway peg and small scratch on the front fender. At first I felt pretty good about myself, employing my superior riding skills and doing the impossible. You see, I teach motorcycle safety classes for a living. However, upon reflection the next morning, I realized that it had little to do with my skill and everything to do with the Lord's guidance and protection that saved us! We should have hit Mrs. Doe square in the rib cage but somehow we only caught her hind quarter spinning her away from our path of travel and the SUV could have done any number of things to put us at risk but didn’t.

I thought of how my family prays for each other all the time & I know I have friends that pray for me frequently. My Mom specifically prays for the protection of her children each morning and I’m confident that He answers. I believe this is what kept my wife & me from serious injury that day. I learned several things from this experience. 

First and foremost, I know that it was God that guided my hands and feet to avoid serious injury and it was His protection and not my abilities that saved us that morning. I realized how easy it is to give into pride and now understand that pride is the work of the evil-one who uses pride to reduce our dependence on God. I also learned that it’s much safer in a church pew on Sunday morning than anywhere else!

After some time, I felt led to write down my story and share it with a few riding buddies that I knew would appreciate it. Still giving into pride I began writing, intent on simply bragging but found myself wrapping up the story by giving God the Glory for saving us and challenging my buddies to remember to pray for safe travel and giving thanks to Him upon their return. Well, I sent it to a few friends who, without my permission or intent, forwarded it on to the “web of riders.” It wasn’t long before I was receiving emails from riders I didn’t even know who were responding, not in amazement but in appreciation for giving God the Glory and thanking me for reminding them of the importance and power of prayer. Even my pastor, who’s a riding buddy, asked me to share my story the next Sunday morning. Reluctantly I did and amazing things happened there as well. There was even one lady who openly repented of prideful feelings and instantly felt peace about a personal matter she was struggling with.

Wow, God is good.....all the time, even when we skip church for selfish reasons! Did God place that deer in front of us or did He simply use that situation to teach me, and others, a valuable lesson? I don’t know and really don’t care. What I do know is that when we open ourselves to God’s will and trust and rely on Him, amazing things happen! God Bless.

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