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Christian Author Writer Odd at first glance to think of and consider "Thanks For Listening" when dealing with a written word. But consider again, does something always have to be audible to be listened to? Certainly not if the listening is done with the heart. There is a concept for which I am not acquainted with the full origin, but I nonetheless understand and appreciate. It is the "lebh shomea", the "listening heart".

More than once, in prison ministry, I have physically listened to and at times been involved with the conversation of the men behind the walls. But on a deeper internal level, I have "heard" their emotions, things their words leave unsaid, either out of fear, lack of trust or direction, or just
outright apathetic resignation to their respective situations. Listening with the heart, means willing openess of the heart. You can
turn a "deaf heart" just as you can a "deaf ear". However the open heart is the receptive heart, the "listening heart", the responsive heart.
Christ, by his own example, sought out the disinfranchised, the marginalized, found and nurtured their worth. He listened, with His heart. He heard the words of Nicodemus when he sought how to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. He heard the pleas of Jairus for his sick child. He heard the words of the repentent thief on the adjacent cross. But in each case and in so many more, He listened with His heart, to their hearts.

So there is a deeper and more intimate level of listening, as He has shown us. Thanks, to those of you who have taken time to read these words, for listening as well.

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