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Christian Author Writer Dear Friends,

Do angels get together and decide how best to help someone? Or do they sometimes hang back and wait for us to do their work? Our regular angel story is not due til next week, but I'm mailing all of you because I'm hoping you'll help me.

This month, Loyola Press is publishing an updated edition of my book, Where Miracles Happen. This book, complete with eight new stories, will hopefully inspire readers with the reminder that miracles and angelic encounters happen all around us. And in this time of uncertainty, everyone can find comfort in knowing that God is present and active in our lives. (Please note that the original Where Miracles Happen was published in 1994 so you may already have it---it is a pink paperback.)

Would you consider a few ways you can help me to spread the word about Where Miracles Happen?

1. Tell your friends. It’s amazing how quickly information can spread through networks of people. If you already have a copy of the earlier edition, consider giving the book as a gift to a friend in need of some inspiration. Hopefully they'll tell their friends, too.

2. Buy the book. Where Miracles Happen is now available on Starting August 1, it will be available at all major bookstores. If you purchase the book on, it will help bump it up on the best-sellers list enabling more people to learn about it. Yes, I know every penny counts today, but think of all the stories you receive from the angel website---free! This is a way to keep it all growing. You can also order the book by clicking on the following at:

3. Write a Review. If you enjoyed the book, please write a review on Amazon, other bookseller’s sites, or your social media site such as Facebook. I love reviews and comments.

4. Add a signature to your personal email promoting the book. A simple message after your signature can bring the book to someone’s attention who otherwise may not hear of it. The sentence can be as simple as, “Looking for a good read? Preview a chapter of Where Miracles Happen at

If you would like to learn more about my other books, please visit

Thank you for caring. I am very grateful for anything you might be able to do to help get the word out about Where Miracles Happen.

Many blessings,

Joan Wester Anderson

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