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Christian Author Writer Hello, angel lovers. Just a few announcements today and an extra blog (I blog occasionally for Guideposts.com).

---I know you like to be aware of good resources. I've got friends, a married couple, who would be great to have on your list. Bob and Cheryl Moeller are primarily marriage experts (parents of 6 and a dog) and conduct retreats and marriage preparation classes, as well as speaking around the country, You can also enjoy their newsletters, blogs and e-books. Bob is a minister and appears regularly on Christian television in our area, and Cheryl is a humor writer (and you know how I love good humor.) and former literary agent. Sign up for their newsletter or contact them at office@bobandcherylmoeller.com.

---Daniel Cayce, the wonderful son of our Arkansas ministry people, has injured his knee and is going to have at least one surgery after Thanksgiving. He's in a lot of pain, and his doctor has predicted that Daniel will be lose an entire year of pre-med school as the knee heals. I know we are not officially a prayer group, but all of us know Daniel as a tireless worker in the Cayce ministry---ever since he was a preschooler---and now it's his turn to receive some help. Let's all lift him up in prayer whenever we can during this coming month, especially that his pain diminishes and he is back at school and work soon. If you have anything to donate to the Cayce's Thanksgiving extravaganza (they are hoping to feed 1000, followed by a clothing giveaway) send it to Joann Cayce Charities, 403 S. Second St., Thornton Arkansas 71766.

---Here's a blog of mine, written for Guideposts.com, just in case you're interested:

With the seasonal blast of flu viruses---and many doctors’ offices still without the vaccine--- is there anything we can do to avoid getting sick? A few nights ago, the TV news featured a rabbi explaining that hugs had been discontinued at his synagogue for fear of members passing the virus to one another. He was followed by a minister recommending that his congregation use fist bumps to greet one another instead of shaking hands. In some Catholic parishes, dispensing wine in a common cup at communion time has been halted for the time being, the newscaster informed us; a practice carried on during both the Black and Bubonic plagues. The whole thing sounded pretty grim. It’s one thing to wash one’s hands frequently or take other precautions when out in public. But somehow I’ve always considered church a “safe haven,” even from germs.

Not so. When we went to church this past Sunday, it sounded like an infirmary. Coughs predominated but sneezes, especially the really LOUD ones, were running a close second. (This is where I start to sound like a little old lady with her pointer finger up): How can we avoid passing flu bugs around? if you have anything resembling a cold, STAY HOME. Yes, even from church.

Do we really think that God will be upset with us if we miss being in his holy presence out of love for our neighbors? Is a “good” Christian measured by the length of time she spends in public prayer? Am I sick, but not sick enough to stay home from church? We all know the answers to these questions, and maybe it’s time we cut ourselves some slack, especially during this upcoming winter.

And here’s another way: Aren’t angels our protectors? And if they can shield us from automobile accidents or get us out of the way of that falling tree, perhaps God has also given them the power to wrap their wings around us when the danger is microscope-sized. The next time someone coughs on you, envision your guardian angel putting up a barrier between you and the sick person. Then avoid crowds, enjoy chicken soup and give thanks.

And a short angel story:

Veronica Sorola of San Antonio, Texas,willingly admits that when she was a teenager, her behavior problems affected her family. "We could never go out to dinner without some type of argument taking place," Veronica says, "We bickered, we yelled and the night was always ruined."

Then came an evening that was different. The family had gone out for dinner again (you have to admire Veronica's parents,don't you?) but this time the family didn't fight. "For what seemed like the first time, we enjoyed our meal, laughed, shared stories of the day's events," Veronica recalls. "It was unreal for our household to actually enjoy an evening out." Nothing unusual had happened to cause the change, Veronica mused on the way home. And yet everything had been so much fun! Maybe, she thought, she could pay more attention to her own attitude....

The family pulled up to their driveway and got out of the car. "Look!"one of them shouted, and the others looked up. "There was a brilliant blue ball of light dancing just above our one-story roof," Veronica remembers. "It was the prettiest thing I have ever seen. It was about the size of a big grapefruit, somewhat transparent, and a magnificent blue." Everyone saw it, and everyone was thunderstruck. What was it? And what was it doing on their roof?

Then a feeling of love stole over Veronica. "Somehow I understood that God was happy with us because we didn't fight--we were a family, behaving the way a family should." Veronica's father and brother ran to the front door, and she and her mother continued to stare at the dancing ball, watching as it finally vanished. The whole episode had probably only lasted a minute. But its aftermath of kindness and awe, remains to this day.

When Veronica eventually discovered that angels often appear as balls of light, she considered whether or not the blue ball was an angel. But it doesn't really matter. "I know the Lord was smiling down on us that night," she says. "So when I find myself frustrated with a member of my family, I actively try to cool down and remind myself that He is watching, and I want to make Him happy with me and my family. I hope that one day I get to see the ball again, but this time with my husband and daughter."

Have you ever seen a ball of light?

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