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Christian Author Writer Dear Friends, This morning, when I realized that I had sent out the same story as last time (Robin Leach's amazing Christmas) I knew that I was supposed to discuss this subject with all of you---the topic of being TOO BUSY. (And when TOO BUSY, making dumb mistakes.)

I find myself in this predicament, attempting to do everything and still have time to enjoy "retirement." I also have developed some chronic health issues which are manageable but stress-provoking. Last year I gave up traveling, and am now giving speeches just in the Chicago area, but haven't noticed a drop in my activities. Finding and writing these columns as well as bloggng for Guideposts.com takes time too, especially because I am so non-techy.

What I most want to do is to spread awareness of my books. Columns are good but they only last a week or so. A book is forever. (WHERE ANGELS WALK was published nineteen years ago, and is still out there!) Unfortunately, promoting the books receives the LEAST amount of time on my list. If everyone who subscribes here purchased one book from me a year, (about $12 on amazon) hopefully to read and pass on, this would eliminate some of my work, and maybe leave more time for the other things. (The books were intended to support the web site, but this does not always happen.) But in these difficult times, I find it hard to ask for JoAnn Cayce and to ask for me too.

When I started writing 35 years ago, colleagues warned me never to answer reader mail; it would take up too much time. (Actually, they were a bit ruder about it.) I was appalled. Who am I writing FOR, if not you? So I have personal relationships with lots of you, and have never regretted the time it took to establish them. Is this what I have to give up?

Through the nine years this column has been running, you have sent me great comments and advice, so I'm hoping you will step up again and tell me what you think. What should I give up? How can I circulate the books more efficiently? Do you think it's time for me to pack it in?

I am a blessed woman to be working on a problem like this instead of something more serious. Thanks to you all.

PS I'll hopefully get one more column out before the end of the year. As for the duplicate on Robin Leach, just enjoy it again! :)

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