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Christian Author Writer Hello, friends. Today a little child will lead them. (And do stay warm :)

"Of course I didn't see anyone, but the feeling that you get when you know they are near...." Heidi Taylor runs out of words. Like others who want to share their experiences with angels, she is filled with joy.

It all started when Heidi, the mother of six, read an angel book, WHERE ANGELS WALK. She realized that her children would probably enjoy it too. They did. "My youngest was thrilled to know that there are such beings as angels sent from God," Heidi says. ""Every night she wanted me to tell her more and more true stories about them." But that was just the beginning.

Heidi's family lives in Greece, and one of the older girls is a college student in Kalamata, about an hour's drive from their home in Sparti. "The roads are curvy and narrow and very dangerous when it rains," she says. "Our daughter had been sick, so we had gone to visit her at school. Now we were on our way home." However, the car's left headlight kept going off.

This could be serious, Heidi realized. It was dark, no street lights on, and although she knew the route, things looked different at night. The roads were deserted, not a good situation either. Heidi turned the headlights off gently, then turned them on again. The headlight stayed on---until they went over a small bump. Then it went out. Heidi tried it again, and for a moment or two, the left stayed on. Then again, it clicked off.

Heidi was getting nervous. What if an oncoming vehicle hit them? "I had my two youngest daughters with me and they were getting scared too," Heidi says. "Then my six-year-old said, "Hey mom, don't be afraid. Remember all the true stories about angels?? If we ask them, they will help us too."

Heidi's fear disappeared immediately. Her little girl, innocent and faithful, had gone to the heart of the matter. "That's a wonderful idea," Heidi said, so everyone said the Lord's prayer, and asked that God would protect them from harm. "From that moment on we all felt better and not scared anymore," Heidi says."It rained, too, and we went over many bumps but we got home safely."

The girls could hardly wait to tell their father what had happened. "I am sure the angels were very helpful, but I will have the light fixed tomorrow," he said, smiling. Just in case the angels were busy elsewhere? Perhaps. But to this day, both headlights still work. Thank you God!!


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