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Christian Author Writer Not much news these days. Perhaps the angels are taking a rest. Here's a story:

"Yesterday I had a car accident on my way home with Emma,"Lisa Trowbridge's March, 2009 email to her friends began with this startling news. "This is hard to write," she went on, "yet the message is important." So important that she wanted everyone to share it.

As Lisa explained, she and her four-year-old daughter, Emma, were riding along in Bastrop, Texas (near Austin) and had just approached the narrow, winding road leading to their house. "There were large drainage pipes that backed up against this road," Lisa explained, "and the edge of my tire must have clipped one of them." At this point, the airbag went off, and through her peripheral vision, Lisa saw flames shooting up the window on the driver's side. Something under the car must have ignited.

"Emma, are you all right?" Lisa asked. She opened her door, realizing that the flames were all the way down the side of the car. Instead of panicking, she opened the back door, stepped through the flames and reached in for Emma.

"As I unhooked her seat belt and started pulling her out, she got her arm caught in the strap," Lisa continued. "Things went into slow motion during this time, and I realized my legs were engulfed in flames. The heat was indescribable.." Somehow Lisa unhooked Emma's arm, lifted her out and carried the four-year-old into the street. She turned for one last glimpse and watched, horrified, as the car was consumed by the fire. Now the nearby trees and grass were also in flames.

Stunned, Lisa clung to Emma. Everything had happened so fast! Cars were beginning to pull over, and a lady in the driveway across the street was calling for help. Quickly Lisa checked Emma all over. They had both come through the terrible heat, and Emma would certainly be burned. But Emma was quiet, calm and---Lisa realized with a shock---completely unharmed. How could this be?

The woman in the driveway had apparently called the fire department, for Lisa could hear the sirens approaching. "Do you believe in prayer?" she asked the woman.
"Yes, I do," came the answer.
"Then let's pray that the fire doesn't spread any further!"

Both prayed aloud as the woman led Lisa and Emma into her kitchen. Lisa was still shaken. She and Emma were not only alive, but completely untouched. Yet hadn't she walked through the flames to reach her daughter? And where had that unnatural calmness come from?

"Mommy, the angels and God were there to protect us." Emma had the obvious answer. "See?" she told the paramedics a few minutes later. "I don't have any boo-boos." They too were mystified. No one could have escaped that intense heat.

"God let me stand in the fire," Lisa told her friends on line. "And no harm came to any person or home. Thank you, God and thank you, angels.

"Don't forget to say I love you to the people in your life today. I know I will."

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