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Christian Author Writer Hello, angel friends!

Yes, it has taken me a long time to resume our story, but I had a good excuse! Two friends went to visit the Cayce family in Thornton, Arkansas, our Earth Angel ministry, and I was hoping to get a long and detailed update that I could pass along to you. So far we haven't done it, but I will have it for you next time (to those of you who are new subscribers, I will explain it all then).

Instead, I'll share with you my new video, posted on http://joanwanderson.com. For a non-techie, to have something like this on my website, is TRULY a miracle. Feel free to add a comment on that little logo on top (tech talk).

And here's our Story of the (Every Other) Week:

“I have talked to my guardian angel for over fifty years,” says Patricia Rousseau, first in the Ukranian Church, and later with her husband as a Catholic convert. “I feel so safe, knowing that she is always right by my side.”

Of course Pat sees with the eyes of faith. Few of us ever receive more than that, but now and then our angels give us a little extra hug, and something physical occurs. Pat wasn’t thinking of that scenario last New Year’s Eve, however. Her daughter runs a catering business, and was serving a holiday dinner to senior citizens at their residence. Pat had volunteered to help.

“We were serving individual salads to the guests when I caught my foot on the leg of a chair and crashed down on my back,” says Pat. “The three plates of salad I had in my hands flew up in the air, and fell on some of the guests.” Several residents cried out in shock, and for a brief moment the resident supervisor wondered if she should call an ambulance. But despite the crash landing, Pat immediately got up from the floor. Not only was she in one piece, she had no pain at all. “I cleaned up the mess, continued serving, and never once felt an ache or pain,” she says.

As she continued to make the rounds, while smiling away the residents’ worry, Pat kept thinking about the fall. Although it might appear differently to the onlookers, she hadn’t landed hard, she realized. It actually felt as if she had fallen on something soft. A cloud? A pillow? A pair of wings? Suddenly Pat knew how she had escaped injury from the accident. “It was my guardian angel who cushioned my fall that night,” she says. “I feel very blessed that she made an appearance to me on New Year’s Eve.”

In fact, it was a reason to celebrate.

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