I Got Me No Fixed Assets

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I got me no fixed assets, they’re all broke, in need of repair.
It ain’t no trouble to get where I’m goin’ cause life never takes me nowhere.
But life still seems to suit me fine, not wantin’ or needin’ too much.
What the world calls grand, can’t compare to a hand with a gentle and lovin’ touch.
Can’t compare to a sunrise or a cool mountain stream, or a tune on a flat top guitar.
If it takes you much more to keep you in store, well maybe life does take me far.
Farther along with that sweet simple song, the guitar, the sunrise, the stream.
Instead of circumstance, rhyme; tell me when’s the last time, you really took time to dream?
So be hard to please as your brass ring you seize, or whatever you choose to call pleasure.
However you do it, it’s all how you view it, and what you choose to call treasure.

Tim Johnson

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