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Christian Author Writer Friends, I know that I shortchanged you last week by not sending an angel story. So today I'm going to send you an extra mailing. This too in NOT an angel story, but since we are headling into October, the official Month of the Angels in the Catholic church, I thought you would like to know about it. Maybe some of you easterners have been there.

My only problem here is that I sometimes have trouble sending links in a newsletter. So try clicking on this link first (it should work). If the photo doesn't come, then be patient, and cut and paste the following address into your browser? http://lenarpoetry.blogspot.com/2009/09/saint-michael-archangel-prayer.html Yes, I know it's clumsy but it's worth it. (Editor: Link provided below)

Here is Loci's message, and check out his beautiful website too:

Hello Joan,

As you know, Saint Michael the Archangel is recognized for being the protector of God's church and people. While traveling through the town of Netcong on September 14, 2009, I stopped into The Church of St. Michael to say a prayer and took some photographs of the beautiful display of stained glass windows. The Catholic church is located in Morris County, New Jersey.

Perhaps the most remarkable photo is that of Saint Michael with a stained glass window behind the statue. In order to capture the rainbow colors seen on the stained glass behind the statue, I photographed the image without using a flash even though lighting was dim.

If you examine the photo, it appears as if Saint Michael is creating a trail of rainbow colors as he lands on top and crushes the head of Satan. I did not observe any indoor church lighting that might create such an effect.

In God's Peace,

Loci B. Lenar

Saint Michael Archangel Prayer

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