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Christian Author Writer Hello, angel lovers. Today there are NO announcements, just a very special story.

We often say, “I’ll pray for you!” But do we honestly believe that there is power in prayer, even more power when many are praying in unison? For those of you who responded to the call this past week, to pray for a little boy none of us knew, you were part of a miracle. Here’s the story:

It was an ordinary late April day at the Frank family farm in downstate Atkinson, Illinois. The five youngest Frank grandchildren were enjoying playing together when suddenly there was an explosion in the barn, and a ball of fire roared through the barn door directly toward the children. As horrified adults ran towards the flames, they realized that eight-year-old Isaac had received the worst of it—-second and third degree burns on his torso, face and arms. Isaac’s dad scooped up his son, ran for the family car, and called 911 on the way. “The ambulance met them, and a second ambulance brought a burn specialist,” grandmother Mary Frank says. “Help was there right away.”

Once at the hospital, however, the grim reality set in. Isaac’s burns were severe, and he cried constantly from the pain (according to the Mayo clinic, second degree burns are the most painful.) Within two days, the doctors at the local hospital transferred him to Loyola University’s world-famous burn unit. The family later learned that burns don’t mature for about 72 hours, and when Isaac’s face began to swell, the local doctors were afraid his lungs would too. He needed more specialized care.

According to Mayo's, When the first layer of skin has been burned through and the second layer (dermis) also is burned, the injury is called a second-degree burn. Blisters develop and the skin takes on an intensely reddened, splotchy appearance. Second-degree burns produce severe pain and swelling. Isaac’s face was covered extensively with second degree burns. It was still unknown if his eyes and ears had been permanently damaged, and he had frightening flashbacks of the accident, that kept him from sleeping. Perhaps the worst part was the twice-daily two-hour scrubs, where nurses remove dead skin to prevent scarring. Despite some anesthesia, Isaac’s pain was horrific. “Daga,” he later told Mary “no kid should ever have this happen to him.” Isaac is a true angel-lover, and during those first few days, he wondered where his angel had gone.

When Mary heard the news, she had literally gotten on her knees and cried out to God and to the Archangel Raphael (patron of healing) to send an army of angels to help her grandson. “I asked specifically that Isaac’s pain would be taken from him, and given to me instead. But all we kept hearing from the hospital was bad news.” So Mary began alerting friends, and passing the request to prayer groups. Isaac’s maternal grandmother did the same. “Pray for Isaac,” the message stated. “Pray that he is free of pain. Pray, pray.” This is when all of you received the message, via our angel mailing list. And you became prayer warriors too.

No one is exactly sure when things started to change, but less than a week after the accident, Isaac’s appetite began to return. Since he needed protein, he became a fan of the Dairy Queen near the hospital. His attitude was more upbeat too and his physicians felt that since his convalescence would be long and he would probably need skin grafts, he might as well go home and have nursing care there instead. “How could this be?” family members asked one another. Isaac still looked so injured. But the little boy insisted that he could go home because….he didn’t have any pain. When Mary saw his burns, it seemed impossible. “His lips are blistered and raw...his entire face is raw,” she said that day. “But he is in no pain. Oh God, How Great Thou Art!!”

Isaac did go home, and nurses came in each day to remove the dressings and to peel away any more dead skin. “They apply an antibiotic ointment over the entire area,” Mary reported that same week. “There is no more fever. They check everything for infection and then they rewrap it and pull that pressure stocking over his head and face. From what I saw yesterday, it really looks good.”

About a week later, Isaac’s parents took him back to Loyola for a checkup. The surprised doctor had never seen anything like this. "Isaac, I wasn't expecting you to look like this at all,” he said. “But you are almost healed! You don't have to see me anymore, unless some problem pops up.”

Just twenty-three days after the accident, Isaac is back in school full time, catching up on his missed days, the family reports. He has received cards, letters and gifts from all around the world, and he is amazed and grateful, and reads every one. “No more flashbacks or nightmares of the fire,” Mary says. “He has no pain. His eyes are fine. His nose is fine...his lips and ears are fine....it looks now just like a bad sunburn. The doctors say there will be minimal to no scarring, and no skin grafts needed! And he is laughing and being the character Isaac has always been. How awesome!”

Mary still doesn’t understand how this could be. “But when something like this happens and your heart and mind are all scrambled with worry and helplessness, He says, "Be Still And Know That I Am God. All of these prayer partners brought us the miracle we were praying for, and we are so grateful...Unbelievable! Isaac is laughing again.”

Thank you, Earth Angels.

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