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Christian Author Writer Hello, angel friends.
Before sending you an Easter poem, I’d like to share a blog that I received from Ron McConnell of Xzone Radio. He had been going through a difficult period, as we all do from time to time, and was wondering if the stress would ever lift. “I was working downstairs in my office,” he says, “and suddenly felt this warmth all over my body as if I was being hugged by an unseen presence. I turned to my left, for I thought I heard a “sigh”, and then I saw this beautiful rainbow on my wall. The circle started at the top of a photo, and went down to the bottom.” Note that Rob’s only window is on TOP of the photo so this couldn’t be a reflection of any kind. “The rainbow grew more intense and stayed on the wall for almost an hour,” Rob says. It was a sign of hope for him. “Do I believe in Angels! Yes Indeed!”

To see the rainbow on Rob’s wall, click the following: www.xzone-radio.com/angelvisit.htm (Some of the people who commented on this site are a little “different,” but hey! we all love angels.)

Another awesome video, which doesn’t have a thing to do with angels but will warm your heart at how wonderful so many of our teenagers are, is located at http://soonereyo.blip.tv/#1762059 Watch this when you have five minutes to really zero in. It’s amazing and fun.

As for the Easter poem, I recently came upon this, which is attributed to Phillips Brooks, often called “the greatest American preacher of the 19th Century.” He attended Harvard University and Episcopal Theological Seminary in Alexandria, Virginia and became an Episcopal priest in 1860. His sermons were beautifully written and delivered (he also wrote “0h Little Town of Bethlehem”), but I have not been able to find the title or a definite source for this poem. Can you help? Happy Easter, everyone!

God hath sent His Angels to the earth again, Bringing joyful tidings to the sons of men.
They who first at Christmas thronged the heavenly way, Now beside the tomb-door sit on Easter-Day.
Angels, sing His triumph as you sang His birth, "Christ the Lord is risen, Peace, good will on earth."

In the dreadful desert where the Lord was tried, There the faithful Angels gathered at His side.
And when in the garden, grief, and pain, and care Bowed Him down with anguish,they were with Him there.

Yet the Christ they honour is the same Christ still, Who, in light and darkness did His Father's will.
And the tomb, deserted, shineth like the sky, Since He passed out from it, into victory.

God has still His Angels helping, at His word, All His faithful children, like their faithful Lord.
Soothing them in sorrow,arming them in strife, Opening wide the tomb-doors,leading into life.

Father, send Thine angels unto us, we pray; Leave us not to wander all along our way.
Let them guard and guide us, whereso'er we be, Till our resurrection brings us home to Thee.

XZone Radio
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