Bearing The Scars Of Christ

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Christian Author Writer When my husband and I first married, he owned a small piece of property in New Mexico and had just purchased a house in Denver, Colorado. Things were really looking up for him; at least for a while. Then one day, things didn’t go so well. Many things went wrong with the house; and I mean MANY. The house was a serious burden to us.

We fought to refinance in order to bring our credit score higher, and even tried to work with the mortgage company. However, there was a comedy of errors; not only errors, but the mortgage company wouldn’t work with us even though it was their mistakes which started the downward slide. We took great pride in our ability to manage our finances and investments, but I think that was really the problem -- pride.

We ultimately lost the home in foreclosure.

When we moved to Texas, we arrived feeling completely defeated; becoming a statistic we didn’t want to be part of. We found ourselves asking "Why did it have to happen? We gave, we served, and we helped – why? " I believe it was by God’s design. “God’s design?” you ask.

Think about this. Jesus heard about Lazarus becoming ill (John 11). He loved Lazarus. But what did Jesus do? He waited two more days! Why did he do that? I think it is well stated in John 11:4, “When he heard this, Jesus said, ‘This sickness will not end in death. No, it is for God’s glory’ so that God’s Son may be glorified through it” (emphasis mine).

So, he waited two more days for God’s glory? Yes. In fact, when he arrived, Lazarus had been in the tomb for FOUR days! (vs. 17)

If Jesus had not waited, then the miracle would not have been revealed. His name would not have been glorified in the resurrection! He allowed that “temporary death” for a purpose….to glorify his name, and to give Lazarus a testimony!

So, what about us? We lost the house, we lost our credit, and we lost our ability to purchase another house (as we saw it). Our financial credit and history “died”.

But our story continues….

…BECAUSE we didn’t have our OWN good credit, or our OWN good name, we had to completely rely on God’s! Therefore, we had to pray just to be able to rent a home.

We felt small, insignificant, and unworthy. We prayed basically that someone would accept someone like us – we prayed for scraps because we didn’t feel worthy anymore. But we prayed and found a very beautiful house; and had amazing favor!

But one of our dreams was to own many properties which would basically help finance our ministry.

So, we went into prayer. What happened after that? We inherited a house; but not only did we inherit the house – it was paid in full. Then, we inherited money which we are able to use to fix up our new house.

Oh, but the story continues….

…BECAUSE we didn’t have our OWN good credit, or our OWN good name…God sent us to a piece of property and HE vouched for us.

This property is very valuable and one of our dream spots. We prayed to be able to finance and purchase this property for our own. After our prayer, we were approved on the spot to finance the property – no questions asked! Not only that, but we became immediate members of the country club with free golf clubs! No man can get the glory for this one… God gets the glory for this!

Today… we are owners of multiple properties. Not one case can we take the glory or boast of our good deeds or our own good name. God gets all the glory in every piece of property we own!

So, what am I saying? Perhaps we were ALLOWED to lose the house – to “bear the scars of Christ”. We were allowed to die – for a period of time, only to be resurrected for the many testimonies which the Lord is giving us today!

Why do bad things seem to happen? It’s our scars we are allowed to bear. In these areas, we must completely rely on God for His provision and His favor – it won’t happen in our own efforts. We were humbled and marked so that we must remember our God and completely turn to him. When doing so, we get even greater favor, blessings, and provision. Our testimony is in our scars!

What are your scars? Divorce, bankruptcy, loss of a business, loss of a job, or prison?

In the areas of your scars, this is where God will glorify His name. Expect miracles, provision, and new beginnings. Man will not get the glory for this one – only God can.

We were allowed to die for a short while – but only to experience the resurrection. We walked out of our cave and are looking at the world with a fresh new look, a new joy, and an exciting miracle beginning! Rejoice in your scars…your miracle is waiting.

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Editor's Comment: It is very difficult to confess our problems and trouble areas. However, I believe that some things should be told because of the testimony behind the pain. I hope our testimony encourages you in your time of trouble.

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