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Christian Author Writer Most pastors and ministers say they preach the gospel – but often much is missing, particularly Romans 3:23: “For all have sinned…” It’s not easy to tell those first-time-here, Italian-suited strangers they are sinners. Especially that prominent politician sitting in the front row. So it isn’t done. Are Christians on this earth to make friends, or to tell it like it is?

Repentance is another disappearing word from church vocabulary. When there is no mention, there is no repentance. The result is a person not truly born again, and with a shaky foundation. John the Baptist preached nothing else but repentance. Jesus said: "Unless you repent, you will all likewise perish."
So repentance has to be important!

The lake of fire ought to be part of the gospel preached. but today it's a no-no in our offend-no-one churches. The Bible is clear as a glass of water that anyone whose name is not written in the Book of Life will be cast into a lake of fire. (Revelation 20:15).

How do they get in the Book of Life? By hearing the gospel and responding to it.

People need to hear the truth, no holds barred. The awful truth (as Michael Moore likes to say) of what will happen to those who reject Christ. It hits them like a tidal wave at first, but those who respond will be thankful they heard it. Those who don't will be without excuse.

So we hear much preaching on the goodies of the Bible – the love of God, joy, peace, blessings, prosperity. Yes, they are all true - in the Good Book – and fit wonderfully well with affluent western societies. Yet topics such as hardship, trials, suffering, persecution are equally true but hardly ever get a mention. The result of that policy is a weak, lukewarm church. There can be thousands filling the seats but are they full of God?

Even “Come forward and be saved” has given way to “come to Jesus.” The result:
many “Christians” will fall away when the good life they heard of doesn’t materialize; when following Jesus isn’t the piece of cake they were told it would be. When the going gets tough, the weak will vamoose!

People are asked to come to Jesus when they don’t really understand what they’re responding to. Anyone responding to an altar call (if there is one) should have a full understanding of the true, basic gospel.

Let's hear about the blood, the cross, sin, heaven, hell, during every meeting, be it morning or evening. Yes, even though the main message is on Job, Isaiah or whatever. The gospel should be given if just one face in that congregation is unfamiliar. Pastors, ministers, don’t let anyone walk out of the church ignorant of Jesus’ salvation. Spell it out, tell people what they need to do.

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