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Christian Author Writer People sneer at the lone street preacher obeying Jesus’ instruction of Mark 16:15. “Huh, just a weirdo,” someone says. The preacher is a solitary “fireman”
trying to stop the crowd heading for the flames described in Revelation 20:15.

That is generally the status quo. Little notice is taken of one man, and the street preacher may well say, “Where are all the others?” Jesus spoke of labourers for the harvest of souls being few. They remain few - but imagine a different scenario.

What if the Christian soldiers in your town were not few, but many? Imagine the lone evangelist becoming two, four, eight, sixteen – at least one for every street corner.

Picture this. Alan and Agnes Atheist drive downtown to shop. They pull into the parking lot, and Jesus Saves bumper stickers challenge them. They start walking and see people wearing Jesus T-shirts; more wearing badges. Half a dozen are handing out tracts.

More surprises. Around the corner is another outreach - a group of Christian musicians - and further up the road another group. There are more in the city mall. Agnes says, “Hmmm, there must be something in this Jesus thing. Can there be this many weirdos?” Alan Atheist enters the supermarket, and T-shirted believers are everywhere. “Gimme a tract,” he demands.

Picture that scene multiplied in every town across Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, the world! What an effect. Revival!

We’d have a different world! Then, people would be aware of God’s justice because thousands are giving warning. Can you see it, brother, sister?

Imagine the domino effect.
Every church full.
Pubs half empty, racetracks too.
People trusting in God instead of the Lotto.
Drug pushers penniless.
Crime plummeting.
No need to lock the house.
  • Security guards unemployed.
  • Burglar alarm sales down.
  • Penitentiaries becoming housing estates.
  • Christian TV shows airing at peak times, replacing violence, obscenities and sex.
  • State schools clamouring for scripture teachers.
  • Christian bookshops hiring paid staff.
  • Churches building huge water tanks for baptizing new converts.
    Christianity would be once more what God always intended it to be - a supernatural faith instead of just another religion.

    Far-fetched? No, it could happen. What is required? Prayer? Yes, but above all, action. Church members as one body have to get beyond those stifling four walls, believing then acting upon God’s promises in the Word of divine backing. “Fear not, for I am with you…I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” Isaiah 41:10 – and there are many more.

    Churches should GO (as Jesus said) into the community presenting a whole-truth gospel with no mincing of words. We need a turnaround in attitude and priorities: a massive rethink on what constitutes “church.” Bible colleges’ teaching should be modelled on the Book of Acts.

    Evangelism will be top of the list for every church when believers can picture millions going into the biblical lake of fire - and then wanting to do something about it. Let's cut church socials to a minimum, and focus on that which has a bearing on the world outside.

    Christian, can you catch the vision? If the pastor can’t, you can. This writer knows from personal experience that God will back you if you will get into action.

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