The Bible Verses We Rarely Hear

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Christian Author Writer "Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution." 2 Timothy 3:12.

"...and that we must through many tribulations enter the kingdom of God." Acts 14:22.

Those scriptures are the flipside to the in-circulation Christian coin. They are as palatable to the affluent western world as a December holiday in Siberia.
Persecution and tribulation are not what people want to hear. This writer has never, ever, heard a sermon on them. Yet they are as much part of the Bible as verses that dwell on love, joy, peace (all true) that we have been hearing for years.

The Good Book clearly tells us that persecution was, and will be, a normal part of being a Christian. If we are not being persecuted now, it is time for self-examination. The challenge of 2 Timothy 3:12 is: if we have never suffered persecution, are we living a godly life?

If we have never had the "many tribulations" of Acts 14:22 then the Bible says we must before entering the kingdom of God. So persecution must come in the future. The truth is most western Christians have enjoyed a non-persecuted life without "many tribulations" for many years. If that easy life changes - and it is changing now with the world in financial turmoil - will we be able to cope if we are not prepared?

The world is becoming more and more anti-Christ, with prayer being banned in American schools, and evolution being taught. As we look at world events the New World Order looms ever-nearer. This writer predicts out of that system will arise the cashless society that Revelation 13 speaks of, with the "mark" on hand or forehead most likely being an implanted microchip. Without it we will not be able to buy or sell. We must refuse the chip, for Revelation 14 says the wrath of God will be on "all" those who accept the "mark." We need to be prepared, Surely those opening Bible verses of this article were given to us for that purpose.

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