The Unseen Helper

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Christian Author Writer He is our invisible asset — if we allow Him to be. He works quietly, unobtrusively in the background like a TV make-up artist; changing our circumstances for the better; arranging situations which benefit and improve us. If adversity comes, that too has a purpose, though we may not immediately realize it.

He is a daily guide in decision-making. You can talk to Him as though He’s in a chair beside you. “Now, should I do this today — or maybe that?” The answer is never the wrong one.

Setting us free from our own self-made jail is His specialty, be it excessive drugs, alcohol, smoking, or some other kind of bondage. He is a life-changer.
He brings the wisdom we need to get our lives back on track.

He’s a Healer too: many believing in Him have testified of living to confound the doctors after being given an expiry date.

He loves to forgive, wipe our slate clean. He is the unseen teacher in the classroom of life. He’s a recycler of humans.

No-one is too unworthy for Him to work on. As the master potter, no misshapen human clay is too impossible for His hands to restore and remould; no person’s bucket of depression too deep in the well for Him to give up on.

For those whose lives are a jigsaw puzzle of shattered pieces, He can rebuild, gradually putting each piece back in place.

He has been misunderstood as being someone distant; a mere historical figure not having any relevance to our busy lives.

Some say His promises are merely futuristic, pie-in-the-sky, but this invisible Helper is wanting to put steak on our plate right now, today. He can be as close as our own living room.

Forcing Himself upon us is not His style. He doesn’t hammer on our door, He knocks gently, and it’s barely perceptible.

To those who will open the door and let Him in, He says He’ll be there always and will never forsake us. All He wants is our belief in Him, our trust and obedience. Will you open the door to His supernatural power? His name is Jesus.

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