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Christian Author Writer Some seem to need upon waking a special daily sign from God, a feeling regarding what he/she ought to do. This is not to criticize those who do live that way.
Yet there is an alternative for those who think the Christian life is a kind of daily spiritual fog, and God's special revelation is required to lead them through it.

Because we have the Bible, much of our instruction for daily life is there. It’s surely fair to say the Word of God is the will of God.

Undoubtedly there are times when, quiet before God and seeking Him, we can be “in the Spirit” and receive a special message. It may be a unique revelation concerning a new ministry, or a vital decision to be made. Perhaps something not covered in the Word. The Holy Spirit will gently nudge us regarding direction.

Some church leaders however, want to make "church" more exciting, and make drama out of such spiritual revelation. It is more spectacular to “await God in public” and put on a show in the church assembly - feeding the human desire for mystique - than to simply tell Christians to read the Word and do it.

The Bible contains our recipe for living. Its words are our guidebook wherein God speaks. Mostly it is in simple, plain language easily understood. It is the foundation stone for the Christian life. It tells us all we need to know.
Anything extra is strawberry flavour on the ice-cream.

In the Word we read much of the character of God - love, mercy, grace, compassion, holiness, righteousness, justice. Those characteristics are there for us to learn from, and emulate as best we can.

Even with a Bible at hand, we try to complicate what is simple. For example:
“God hasn’t spoken to me yet to tell others about Jesus.” In Mark 16:15 the Lord instructs us regarding that, and the Apostle Paul has much to say on it.
The Early Church didn’t have the benefit of a New Testament. Now we do, and surely we’re expected to read it and bring the words to life by our actions.

We need to know the Word. Then we will discern when a “message from God” is obviously false. A few years ago a pastor announced in his church the date - and the time - of the second coming of Jesus. He told the press too! Many people, plus reporters and TV crews, gathered at the “appointed hour” and the pastor must have wanted to disappear on the spot when the event didn’t happen.

The gullible and uninformed were misled, but studying the New Testament would have revealed that contradiction of the Word. It says specifically no-one will know the exact time of the Second Coming.

Everything written, preached or presented can be measured and checked against the Bible. It tells us to have spiritual discernment: “Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world.” 1 John 4:1.

“Test the spirits.” We need to do that, but when instructions on how to live the faith are clearly defined in the Bible we are on solid ground in following them.

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