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Christian Author Writer I am learning that you truly can’t judge a book by its cover. Just the other day I received a book from the States. The cover was pretty, appealing. I gave it a chance and read it, but didn’t enjoy it.

On the other hand, I’ve seen books with plain hard covers that I assumed would be boring and they ended up being wonderful. It can be that way with people.

Let me paint you a picture: Imagine a woman. She is average in height and build. She has oily hair under a head scarf (black and gray design with a fringe). She has a large nose and puffy eyes. Her voice sounds like you imagine a frog sounding. Her clothes are old and stained. She smells. What are your thoughts about her? Would you befriend her? Would you sit by her at church? Would you make it a point to go shake her hand and ask her how she is doing?

Unfortunately, I’ve been in a great many churches that would turn her away or ask her to clean up before visiting again. Ashamedly, a few years ago, I would have done exactly the same.

The picture I just painted for you is very common among the village Turks in Eastern Europe. Many women just like this come to the churches. This is all they know. They are wives and mothers, struggling to get by. They come to church and their very soul is touched by the Lord Jesus Christ. They sing. They worship. They pray. They cry. They testify. They didn’t choose what body their soul was born into. Fortunately, Jesus doesn’t see as man would see. He sees them as a soul. He sees me as a soul. When he looks down on a church service, He doesn’t look around to see which person has the cleanest hair or the nicest clothes. He doesn’t look for the one with the prettiest singing voice. He doesn’t even ask who brushed their teeth or used soap. He looks at the needs of the soul. He looks to see who He can help (and Lord knows that we all need help). He is in the heart changing business, not the “Let’s Give You a Make-over” business.

I know that I’ll never attain, but I would like to have the same heart as the Lord Jesus Christ. I just don’t like the ever present battles with the Devil while I try to get there. I want to do as the scriptures say and rejoice with those rejoicing and weep with those weeping. I want to look on the heart.

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