Christian Writer Author: Carrie, Missionary in Eastern Europe
Location: , Eastern Europe

Christian AuthorAs a Missionary and Mom-of-many, Carrie has many homorous and inspirational stories to tell. It is her heart's desire to reflect the love of Christ in her writing so that the reader will walk away both encouraged and challenged. Follow her column as she takes you on a spiritual journey through the eyes and heart of a missionary.

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A Missionary's Heart - You Can’t Judge a Book By Its Cover  
Christian Missions  - Christian Living
Fiction: False
I am learning that you truly can’t judge a book by its cover. Just the other day I received a book from the States. The cover was pretty, appealing. I gave it a chance and read it, but didn’t enjoy it. On the other hand, I’ve seen books with plain hard covers that I assumed would be boring and they ended up being wonderful. It can be that way with people. Let me paint you a picture: Imag ... Read Christian Missions

A Missionary's Heart - Understanding the Storm  
Christian Missions  - Devotionals
Fiction: False
A fall storm is blowing through Eastern Europe tonight. And much like the storm outside my window, my own mind is a storm of activity. This morning as I was writing in my prayer journal, I felt a soul storm. You know the kind. The kind that comes rushing through, taking all peace and calm with it. I cried out to my Father, saying, "A storm within me is raging--probably a storm of my own maki ... Read Christian Missions

A Missionary's Heart - Where is Mary?  
Christian Missions  - Angels
Fiction: False
Mary of Bethany is my favorite Bible character, though I tend to be more like Martha. In my daily life, I easily get wrapped up in my “to do list”. When I awaken, I go right to task. The first priority of the morning is the woodstoves. I clear out the old ashes and start anew. From there, I head to the kitchen to fix a hearty breakfast for my five little ones. Oatmeal doesn’t take long to ... Read Christian Missions

Because He Gave, We Give  
Christian Missions  - Christian Living
Fiction: False
Jesus was a true leader, leading in both word and deed. He walked the talk. What an example! He left Heaven and all it holds to take on a robe of flesh. He left all the splendor, the beauty, the constant praise, and the ever-present fellowship with His Father in exchange for poverty. He gave of His time on Earth to show compassion. He gave of His strength to lift the weak. He gave love to the unlo ... Read Christian Missions

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