God’s Will For Man- Disposing of The Unwanted Trash In Our Lives

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Christian Author Writer I scurried to the door, weaving through the furniture, being careful to avoid a collision in the dim-lit shadow-covered room.
It was 30 minutes past 6 a.m. and nearly day break. I was almost late. I heated being late more than anything!
I looked back before heading out, running though my metal checklist. I thought of the things,I might have forgotten. Maybe the toaster was left unplugged or the coffee maker needed to be switched off. I paused for a moment to think, quickly darting my eyes around the room, before I headed off to school and work.

“Iron, TV, computer... Check!”

While I made my way through the kitchen and down to the garage, something briefly caught my attention. My sense of smell stopped me in my tracks. I thought the smell was quite odd, but I didn’t bother with trying to locate it. I pushed it to the back of my mind so that I could stay focused on getting to my destination. I was determined that nothing was going to stop me from where it was I thought, I needed to be.

The next morning came just as quickly, as the day before. I had burned the midnight oil finishing up a speech, a research paper and God only knows what else. Due to my full-time college course load, I hardly had time for myself, let alone anything else. I had fallen asleep, after completing the tasks the night before, forgetting and neglecting the things of real importance.

I had clearly and simply, forgotten... I found myself yet again, in the same routine just before down and nearly late, but only this time, my senses told me what he should do. I brushed it off again, placed it once more to the back of my mind and figured I would handle the situation, when I got home that evening. I proceeded with my attempts to make it on time to my destination, as if nothing was amiss.

The evening came and went, but there want’ a change. There wasn’t a difference. I repeatedly, day after day, ignored what my senses told me and headed out of the door anyway. I knew exactly what it was that had been catching my attention, that something was leftover garbage.

A few days later, the smell had transformed from slightly tolerable to completely unbearable. There was no mistake in what the smell was or what had to be done about it. I got up the following morning, a little earlier. I had completed as much as I could of my school work that night. I had to focus my full attention on doing my chores. I removed the garbage that smelled quite revolting, but the remnants of what was once there, was undoubtedly left behind. I could still smell it in the air.

Due to the amount of garbage collected over a week’s time, it had put pressure on the bag and it broke. A mixture of all kinds of food related slop, scattered across the tan, tiled floor. It was a bigger mess to clean, than if I had only emptied it days earlier.

In the end, it made me late, something that I was trying so hard to avoid all along. Because of my careless actions, I ignored what was right in front of my nose, until it was too late. I couldn’t go back and change it. What was done, was done.

There’s more to this story that just a tale of my forgotten duties around the house. The connection and point, is in how some of us live our lives.

We as Christians, ignore every day, the spiritual senses that God uses to speak and direct us. We are often blinded by our own ambition and wants. Our needs to fulfill and accomplish things on our own terms, such as wealth and fame or gaining knowledge and experience, causes us to neglect the divine, discerning sprit of God, just as I ignored my physical senses.

In life, a spiritual spill or mess, isn’t entirely swept and mopped away so easily. We often see, but we don’t acknowledge and we often resist and not confront. The stench of sin, alerts our spiritual senses as it is inhaled into our holy body and into our spirit, but as quickly as some of us are made aware, we chose to ignore, thinking it will eventually go away. It never does. It only gets worse.

When we allow sin in and around us, even if we are Christians, it does weaken our spiritual resistance, just as the bag being loaded with all sorts of undesirable garbage, until it busted under pressure. It leaves behind a smelly and unmanageable mess. Some believer never entirely recover from the stench.

“If you know, that there is a problem my dear friend, you must go to God at that very moment and pray for strength, faith and endurance. We mustn’t let the enemy overtake us, with the filthiness of sin, causing eternal separation from Christ forever. If out of anything, you must always remember to “watch as well as pray” disposing of the unwanted trash in your life.”

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