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Christian Author Writer There is a story, that I don’t believe I’ve ever told before… it’s about a young, playful little boy of merely 3-years-old.

Like most children his age, he loved to play with all sorts of toys, but one toy in particular was his all-time favorite, yet his mother warned him that it could in some cases be quite dangerous for someone so young.

It really wasn’t much of a toy at all, it was more along the lines of a recreational item for the bigger kids who ventured outdoors to play, not a toddler. He would get more joy out of drooling on it, than actually using it for it’s actual purpose. It was a bright red boomerang.

As he got older and matured, so did his interests. He began to trade in those old plastic toys for brand new army trucks and cartoon action figures, but one thing he did decide to keep was his old childhood boomerang. He had learned how to use it and he loved the fact that no matter how far he threw it, it would always find it’s way back.

One surprisingly cool summer afternoon, a steady breeze blew through the air, brushing past the trees and rustling the leaves. He wanted to see just how far he could throw it this time, but considering he did live on a farm, the perfect place to test his abilities would be near the open corn fields.

Once he made his way near the clearing, past the old wooden barn, he cluched the boomerang as hard as he could in his right hand, leaning back and thrusting it forward with as much force as he could muster, nearly losing his balance as he stumbled forward.

He was successful in making the distance, but due to the unusual change in the weather, the wind had carried his once favorite childhood toy off course and into the golden sea of corn stock. Although, he had the best intentions of testing his straights, having had years of practice under his belt, he didn’t anticipate how much of a difference a slight summer breeze could change all his effort in an instant.
Much like this young man, we too face “summer breezes”, metaphorically speaking anyway. The effort and hard work we put into the things that we intend to do, doesn’t often work out quite like we expected, leading to loss of stability, property and even our own faith in God.
We have to be just as the boomerang, fighting against the winds of life, until we are safe again in the hands of grace, hope and love. The heavenly father is there just as the young boy, to guide us to where it is that we should go, but it’s ultimately up to us which path we take. There’s only two choices, one being right and the other wrong. Choose wisely…
There is room for error because the heavenly father does forgive, but just because he is a God of second chances, doesn’t rectify the deliberate choice of sin. There are places like the sea of corn that can leave us feeling unable to return to the hands of grace, so we must all pay close attention the path we are presently set upon, because even the slightest venture off course can lead you into a place of no return.
"Stay vigilant as well as watchful my brethren, as you travel the rugged road of life, for there is grace and hope in the masters hands, but also darkness, pain and sorrow for those who ignore the heavily (heavenly?) whispers of good direction. Drive carefully."

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