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Christian Author Writer Growing up, I wasn’t what you’d call a busy beaver, but I did softly push a few of my mother’s buttons from time to time, I think every kid does eventually…

As I matured, the conversations never really changed that much, neither did the instructions. It’s was putting it simply, “Don’t hang out with the wrong crowd, just be yourself, and always remember that God loves you no matter what.” What true wisdom my mother had, and whether I believe it or not, her words came to my acknowledgment quite a few times when I strayed a little to close to the street.

Our lives as Christians are to follow the word and will of the heavenly father, doing according to the Holy scriptures, “Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who abuse you,” so on and so forth. In Christ, do we place our trust, our lives and futures. In Him and God alone, do we submit ourselves and our souls, committed to his will.

I know, God guides us on the rugged road called life, but the journey is never paved or a one way trip, there’s bumps and road blocks that slows and stops us from time, to time. Through faith, hope, endurance, love and obedience, God will take the wheel directing you in whichever way, he intends you to travel.

Just as my mother’s wise words came back to my acknowledgment, so does God’s word as stated in holy scripture. It’s ultimately up to us, if we choose to listen. The trials, that come our way are to teach us and make us better individuals, molding us into true Christians, solid unwavering believers upon His name and upon his word. All God requires is an open heart and willing spirit, and he’ll give you whatever it is you so desperately seek, just as a loving parent would reward their child for good behavior.

I must admit, I didn’t always agree with everything my mother instructed me to do, and I know the same is true in our spiritual lives, following the path of the Lord God, but deep down, I’ve always known that she had my best interest at heart and in mind.

We must never forget the extent of our Heavenly Father’s love, his grace, his forgiveness, and his longsuffering. These are true attributes of a loving father, one’s that can never change regardless the way we live our lives, but to walk hand and hand with him, we must learn to follow his commandments daily, and obey his sound teachings.

I once stood in awe of Gods embrace and compassion to his children of many colors, but now, I have begun to understand… it’s the kind of emotions that come natural to every guardian, it’s the essence of good parenting and the nurturing of a heavenly kind.

Spiritual Acknowledgments -

Job 36:11: “If they obey and serve Him, They shall spend their days in prosperity, And their years in pleasures.”

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