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Christian Author Writer When I was young, ever since I can remember, the feeling of joy I got when I walked outside into a yard filled with many colors, browns, reds, yellows and tans, truly captivated my little interest, but looking around now, I’m beginning to understand why. Sniffing the stiff and chilly air, those leaves tell quite an interesting story from the year before. A story of life, and sadly, a story of death.

In nature, there’s a cycle and a period of growth, prosperity, and serenity. You can call it an aura of peace if you will. But as everyone knows, when your dealing with nature, theres always a balance, the grim unavoidable existence which must take it’s course, to bring about new beginnings thereafter.

Yes, seasons do change... and not always for the better, but so do we. Our trials that hurt us, make us stronger or sometimes weaker. The miles we walk that teach us good direction and determination, sometimes leaves us lost alone or confused. The heavy loads we carry each day, allows us to endure and cope with more difficult times, but they can also make going on, an even harder struggle to pull through.

Yes, we do change with the seasons of life, but differently. What separates one from the other, is the loss or lack of faith, the way that Peter took his eyes off Jesus while walking on water, during the raging storm around him in the Bible. I know, it’s not easy especially, this time of year, cold and dark, filled with gloom. You may be reminded of what was taken or what’s lost, but whatever’s lost, can easily be found again or restored.

A dear friend and professor of mine, lost her mother just weeks ago to Cancer, but the thing I admire is her faith in God in this troubled time. As the days grew closer, and closer, in and out of the hospital until her mother eventually lost the battle of her life, she never gave up hope.

While going through the storm, balancing a family, a home, her children, her mirage and student’s, as well as her emotions, she had never at any point took her eyes off God. She finds rest in knowing her mothers earthly journey is over, and now, it’s time for an entirely new kind of endeavor, through spiritual magnificence beyond compare.

Yes, our lives are like the seasons that change, like the crinkled leaves that fall, like the great rooted tree that withers and cracks from the wind and weather, but in these times of change, we must cling close to hope, finding faith in the days ahead and to come. We must remember, Winter doesn’t last always, and when it’s gone, new life flourishes and what was once weary is strengthened once again.

I didn’t know what fascinated me so much about the seasons until now... It was their connection to our everyday life, our struggles, our happiness and peaceful memories. God intends for us to live life as best we can, but we must remember, that things are only meant for a short while, and just as nature renews herself, we must renew our souls and minds... never losing sight or faith in Christ, following wherever he leads.

Spiritual Acknowledgments -

Matthew 16:24-25: “If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will find it.”
“Friend, faith is merely just believing, but truly knowing... that whatever problems you face, there shall be brighter days ahead. Have a little talk with Christ, it will do you some good. Get to know him better, let him teach you a little something, you didn’t know about yourself. Once you have reconnected with him, never let go. Hold on to him tightly and he’ll never lead you astray... it only takes one heartfelt prayer. Put your life in his hand today!”

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