God's Will For Man - We Must All Learn To Accept

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Christian Author Writer He lay there lifeless. One among many, many among few. So frail and fragile a body, slowly rising up, and then down again, from the even disbursements of air passing through the ventilator. Another second, another minute, and another hour. The struggle for life seemed inevitable.

The child is unable to breath alone, he can’t even be held by his own mother. The doctors are questioning his chances and they began preparing themselves and the family for the worst. A sickend mother, holds on tightly to her faith in God, praying for a miracle and a purpose for his young life.

I am reminded of him daily, yet, I hardly even recognize him now. From what I do remember, he was a dark-haired, dark-eyed child, who spent the majority of his youth under doctors care. It’s to me, so surreal, not because I don’t remember every little detail, but because I’ve watched him come so far from where he once started.

He has risen above and overcame such overwhelming odds with determination and perseverance. I know, it’s not any of his doing, but the works and will of a higher power. We are all faced with circumstances that leaves our lives broken, struggling to pick up the pieces scattered abroad, but God is like the great potter, who helps not to pick up those pieces, but to fill the voids of them. He fashions new vessels, vessels filled with love, hope and faith that overflows continually.

It’s always easier to just allow him to find that which is lost, or rebuild that which has been tragically torn down. We may spend our entire life, looking for the other half, but God knows the ultimate reason and purpose for the struggles we all face. In him will we find rest, in his arms will we be forever comforted.

Down the long, white, and narrow hallway of the hospital, the child’s mother walked for her last time, being able to finally take her sickly son home, after such a long and tiresome battle for his life. The glass like container that concealed him, is merely just a memory and a profound testimony of Gods Devine healing.

The prayer of a mother went up unto God, and was indeed answered not a moment to late. Through that little boy, Gods message is shared with so many. His power is indeed great, but his message, is to me worth sharing.

So many, have told me, how much my encouragement allowed them to better their lives. So many, have told me, what a great job I’m doing and a great purpose God is working in my life. I’m so thankful to have been chosen and most importantly, I thank God for allowing me to live. It’s such a great feeling to know, that God cared, and took the time to answer a desperate prayer.

It is to this end, that I devote my life and my gift. There is no greater mission, nor a bigger dream I could envision. God is willing to work in our lives if we only let him in. When he calls, don’t think, just answer… knowing your life will infinitely change forever, as mine has.

That struggling child, I do remember, but the person he has become is quite unrecognizable. I am that little boy who lived, who is overcome with happiness, not regret, of how God has impacted my young life. He answered my mothers prayer, one that has shaped my future and directed my path to greatness.

Our trials and circumstances only last for a season, either to direct, fulfill or mold. God’s plans are what we may not often see, but his will is something that we all must learn to accept.

Spiritual Acknowledgments - Romans 8:28

“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”

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