God's Will For Man - Learning How To Ride Again

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Christian Author Writer She lifted her head, her long, brownish-blonde strands of hair, covering her dirty but beautiful little face. Her mother at her side, removes a cloth from her pocket, wiping away the smudges and precious tears, revealing the rosy red cheeks of her young daughter.

“Try again,” encourages her mother… She grabs hold to her mothers hand, outstretched willingly for support, encouragement and a second chance. I don’t often visit this green, peaceful, and historical old park on the outskirts of a Texas town, but whenever I‘m led there, I always learn something worth remembering, or I am reminded of something important I’ve unintentionally forgot.

The lessons of life, may not always come in the way we all expect them, but I have found, that they are what we all need, to grow and lead better lives. Forgetting how to ride for this little girl, in a local park in town, was due to the lack of training wheels on her bicycle. I’m sure, her mother had great attentions, but her daughter sustained a bump or two, in which she did learn from her pain.

The young girl, had all but forgot the know-how of riding, that many normal, everyday children her age are accustom to practicing. She had been away from this custom for quite sometime, but she was interested in continuing where she had formerly left off.

Since visiting that old park, I have taken the lessons that I once learned, and compared them to my now, spiritual perspective. I learned that God takes us through for a reason, a reason that for many is unclear, but not undiscoverable. In our time of trouble or temptation, we do fall, but in that time, we must also learn to get back up.

Once we have learned from our mistakes, then and only then, will we overcome and rise above the tests. God must allow us to see what we are unwilling to acknowledge, the sins we commit and the unfruitful seeds we sow.

That little girl did fall more than twice, but she did as her mother instructed and tried until she was successful. Sitting and observing was the best thing I could have done, and I recommend the same to you as well. So many of life’s lessons can be found in the pleasures of your daily routine, if you just take the time to look.

God gives us signs, hidden messages to prosper in his word and carry out his will. He only want’s what’s best for us, a connection with him everlasting. Our lives are molded and shaped for the better because of it. We ponder what path we could have traveled if only, we had taken it when it was clear, but the true path that we all must take, is the one that our feet is presently set upon.

God doesn’t make mistakes, nor does he turn his face from our cries for help, but there are lessons he wishes us to learn, before we are ready for our ultimate destiny. Getting up when you have been down, is only the beginning, but when we fall, we must do as the little girl in the park, taking the hand where help is given, learning how to ride again.

Spiritual Acknowledgments - James 1:12

Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him.

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