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Christian Author Writer We just moved into a beautiful new home, my mom and I, where peoples smiles are welcoming and their gestures are heartfelt and kind. Families and friends can be seen walking with their children, just before the breathtaking sunset, as the orange lit pavement is bathed with warmness. I am constantly reminded, everyday, of how simple life is here… It’s not about the beauty of the community that alludes me, nor the wonders of mother nature, but the closeness one feels and the love that is shown to one another.

My mom and I were excited about starting a new chapter in our lives, freshly starting over, and moving from the busy city life to a more calm and collected atmosphere. We both knew, the first time we saw this house, that it would eventually be our home. We didn’t need to look any further, we had found what we were looking for, and fulfilled our dreams with a strong sense of reality.

Home is defiantly where the heart is, and in this community, the expression “heart” is used to love and build togetherness with each other, one hand at a time. We have been wholesomely welcomed with open arms, invited for local entertaining, or friendly walks throughout the community recreational facility. I am still counting the number of baked good containers in our kitchen counters, that we do plan on returning, but haven’t had the time yet.

So much, I have learned in so little time, about the true depths of love. True love, comes from within, as well as beauty. Beauty is indeed pleasant to perceive on the outside, but without a strong grasp of what’s within, how can it’s true nature not be revealed.

The structures in which this kind of vanity was built, began to crumble before my own waking eyes. The loving and caring individuals in our community, were inside hurting, distraught and alone. The broken pieces and cracks of their personal lives eventually began to show. The image shown outward was nothing more than a thin layer of glass, strained on every side, resisting the inevitable.

I was stunned, shocked and blindsided by such deceitfulness. The past works of their hands were known as inconceivable to the Christian faith, that they practiced. The life they portrayed was polished well, but what they couldn’t hide was their true nature, clawing it’s way slowly, to the surface.

I didn’t understand, until I was reminded of scripture and God’s perception into our lives. We, being humans, only judge the outward appearance, but God judges what lies within. He looks deep within the heart and stirs the soul, accordingly. We can never hide our true feelings or thoughts from him, regardless how hard we all try.

There is redemption for our past faults, sins and trespasses, but we must no longer harbor such grievous treacheries. God is willing to unite the bond, between man and creator, as a father with his children. He expects great things from our lives, but rewards us according to such works. We may say, we serve his purpose and practice his teachings, but he knows what lurks in the hearts of man.

My community, my pride and joy… was no longer what I once had envisioned. The works of their hands was nothing more than a memory. I learned that the merit of a man, is not judged by the works of his hands, but by the will one obeys of the heavenly father alone.

Spiritual Acknowledgments - Pslam 139: 23,24

“Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts: And see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.”

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