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Christian Author Writer While sitting and listening during a warm summer afternoon at my best friend Samantha’s grandparents farm, I found myself completely attentive to every word that her grandfather had said. He was explaining how his world-renowned California oranges, “South Shores Best,” had earned such a household name.

He went on for hours, backtracking, making sure he didn’t leave out any details. The planting and rooting process was quite interesting, if I do say so myself. I learned that even though you have finished the planting and rooting process, you must tend and of course water regularly, but in addition one must keep the crows from feasting once the fruit became ripe. This was one of the most difficult parts about the entire productions process.

Samantha’s grandfather said, “anyone with the proper training, even you son, can grow the most exquisite and tasteful fruit around, but without overseeing and applying insect repellant, all the hard work and long hours of upkeep will ultimately be for nothing.”

Almost a year later, another summer had come and gone, but his words of wisdom remained in mind. I didn’t until returning to that old and now, demolished farmhouse, completely understand the wise words and a truly insightful man. I returned to that old house to gain peace and a change of atmosphere, from the busy city life, smoke infested streets, car and bus horns blaring as they pass one another… That little old place symbolized true peace and relaxation from my own personal problems. There, I could see clearer and listen to the peaceful wind blowing through the dancing grain, in the outstretching fields.

I was brought back to this place, not from the natural sense of peace, but from the moral of the story Samantha’s granddad failed to mention. Sure, from my many trips during the summer, to that little old farmhouse on the hill, I learned how to properly tend a garden, guarding the crops from hungry crows, cowering for their next meal. But the hidden meaning should be applied to all of our lives along the way, directing and protecting our children in the way of the lord God.

Proverbs; 22 “Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” The same was exhibited by the farmer’s instructions for his crop; we were to dig and then plant producing roots in the path we prepared them to grow. Secondly, “defending and fighting off the enemy was the most important part of the growing process,” he so-often stated. Without the right guidance and strong determination, your children, family or even faith, can be instantly taken from you regardless your previous efforts to produce the best results.

After returning to the busy city life, I never forgot what I learned just a few short years ago. I apply it regularly in my own life, and I encourage everyone to do the same. Life has a funny way of revealing its wonders to us in many unusual and unpredictable ways. Being a writer and columnist, the voice of reason to so many around the world, I actually got the chance to receive insight for myself. Insight from a regularly everyday farmer, who sows and reaps for a living.

This kind of knowledge was not discovered from a high-educated PHD from Stanford University working in New York City, but was given by a willing, hard worker from California. It’s amazing how a brief five minute conversation about everyday fruits, ultimately shaped the last two years of my future for the better. It’s not entirely what you know that counts, but in how you learn to use, whatever it is that you have that mounts.”

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