The Virtue of the Walking Dead

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The virtue of the walking dead
A heart as poor as a church mouse
Living a life in poverty
A spirit in rags
Lacking and wanting in Christ

The virtue of the walking dead
An epitome of vile fruits
A thorn in a Christian’s flesh
A pinch of poison in a spiritual wound
A disgust in the LORD’s sight

The virtue of the walking dead
Alive but not living
Looking but not seeing
Vision in disarray
Purposelessly journeying the earth

The virtue of the walking dead
Glittering but their hearts are not gold
Just an alloy of impurities
Sauntering a heavenly gait
Fooling no one but themselves

The virtue of the walking dead
Never making hay when the sun is shining
Steadily slacking in prayer
Always waiting for the eleventh hour
Never heeding that like a thief, the Master will come

The virtue of the walking dead
Always creating a storm out of a cup of tea
In resentment murmuring and bickering
Diluting their faith by worrying
Unthankfulness of the Almighty’s enduring love

This poem was inspired by 1 Timothy 5:6; ‘But she that liveth in pleasure is dead while she liveth.’

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