Christian Writer Author: Tisungane Mwenyenkulu
Location: Malawi , Africa

Christian AuthorMy name is Tisungane Mwenyenkulu, a 29 years old male from Malawi, currently working at Mzuzu Central Hospital working as a medical officer. My inspiration comes from the way how John Newton composed amazing grace after retiring from slave trade to serve the ONE and ONLY GOD.

I've Written . . .

The LORD’S Agenda  
Christian Poetry  - Overcoming Struggles
Fiction: False
Mouth agape Bamboozled Through storms, alas no wrecks In the mystery, the ship sails Emerging from troubled waters Waters contaminated with iniquities The gist of eternal death But forth the ship goes Visible from afar Shining as the morning star Breaking stubborn boundaries Establishing his propaganda Enticing the flock to repentance With amazing grace winning back th ... Read Christian Poetry

Christian Poetry  - Heaven
Fiction: False
There will be ululation and jubilation Shouts of joy and victory will accompany this celebration A party that has never been seen before A party of praising and worshipping We will be drunk of his spirit Our bellies will be full of his word A braii of his law will be roasting Blazing on the two powerful stone tablets where Moses was handed the law A party for the meek W ... Read Christian Poetry

Like Did Joseph  
Christian Poetry  - Freedom
Fiction: False
Like did Joseph, I will free From sin I will run Escaping from immorality Like did Joseph, the LORD I will trust For he favors me, even when am in captivity, in the land of Egypt Revealing meanings of mystical dreams unto me Like did Joseph, the food reserves I will fill The food of life I will store That will nourish my life in the seven years of the great famine t ... Read Christian Poetry

Christian Poetry  - Time
Fiction: False
God’s time is the best time. Endless is his time. Ever living is his time. His time is prime. Living his time, is not a waste of time. Feasting his word is a fruit of his time. Salvation comes in his time. Washed away are my troubles and sorrows, in his time. Healed wounds and scars, characterizes his time. Favor and blessings, products of his time. Prophecies are vindic ... Read Christian Poetry

Christian Poetry  - Worship
Fiction: False
I have been searching I have been wandering Trying to compose a hymn A hymn of my heart A hymn for the lord A hymn for Jesus Christ I never knew That I have a gift A gift to write Write this hymn A hymn of my heart A hymn for the lord A hymn for Jesus Christ Iam healed, By praising him Praising in this hymn A hymn of my heart A hymn for the lord A hymn for ... Read Christian Poetry

Christian Poetry  - God
Fiction: False
LORD, my God How wonderful you are! How mighty you are! Through your might you parted the red sea for me Making the impossible to become possible Creating a path for me An escape route from enemies Away from the land of oppression, suffering and humiliation Trotting to the Promised Land A land of milk and honey Where Christ Jesus reigns and rules forever LORD, my Go ... Read Christian Poetry

From The Bottom Of My Rhymes  
Christian Poetry  - Salvation
Fiction: False
From the bottom of my rhymes There lies my heart Intertwined with artistic thirst Desiring to explode Spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ Spreading it like the wildest bush fire Reaching out to all souls Caught up in this sinful jungle From the bottom of my rhymes There lies Jesus Christ Seated at the right hand of the FATHER Stretching his hand forth Beckoning us t ... Read Christian Poetry

And They Call Him John Of Patmos  
Christian Poetry  - Revelation
Fiction: False
Patmos, the island, Confined he was But never was his revelation True and faithful Unsealing the things that were, are and will be Alerting us to be alert Prepared and well arrayed Ready for the marriage feast Presented as the Lamb’s wife Proclaimed by a real servant And they call him john of Patmos ... Read Christian Poetry

Panic Not  
Christian Poetry  - Christian Living
Fiction: False
Panic not sister Tread intrepidly on hostile grounds Audaciously rebuking the ancient serpent Jesus being the guide A truthful way to life The undying light at the tunnel's end Panic not brethren The battle is already won The victory is in the blood The slain lamb indeed did shed The innocent blood The just for the unjust Panic not mother Let not your soul be hur ... Read Christian Poetry

Christian Poetry  - Repentance
Fiction: False
Surrender unto the LORD Lay down your burdens Sanctify yourself Atone for your indulgences Weep remorsefully Regrettably scorching the past Taking no pride in it Tears of contrition flowing ceaselessly Capitulating for a good cause Penitently returning unto Christ Repairing the heart's broken pieces Mending up the fences Darning the holes Revamping a house in desolatio ... Read Christian Poetry

Christian Poetry  - Inspirational
Fiction: False
Lest the people be ensnared Freedom be hidden Surely, trouble will follow suit Lest the day be darkened Light be deprived Surely, there will be chaos Lest righteousness be chained Goodness be enslaved Surely, there will be suffering Lest pride reigns supremacy Humbleness be scorned Surely, there will be misunderstandings Lest arrogance be embraced Pig heartedne ... Read Christian Poetry

Christian Poetry  - Christian Living
Fiction: False
A glutton that Iam Proud and unashamed Resilient and persistent Always belly full The truth being my satisfaction A real scripture's epicurean Gospel's gastronome A bonafide gourmand Mosaic law connoisseur Merry making in Christ Living a gourmet dream ... Read Christian Poetry

Christian Poetry  - Christian Living
Fiction: False
How i wish In this skirmish Christ Jesus be my fetish The one without blemish Void of blandish Humble not snobbish ... Read Christian Poetry

The Virtue of the Walking Dead  
Christian Poetry  - Christian Living
Fiction: False
The virtue of the walking dead A heart as poor as a church mouse Living a life in poverty A spirit in rags Lacking and wanting in Christ The virtue of the walking dead An epitome of vile fruits A thorn in a Christian’s flesh A pinch of poison in a spiritual wound A disgust in the LORD’s sight The virtue of the walking dead Alive but not living Looking but not se ... Read Christian Poetry

Under The Tree  
Christian Poetry  - Christian Living
Fiction: False
Under the tree Scratching on my clay tablet Pouring out my mind Emptying my chest Coining righteous poems Under the tree That tree of life Roots so deep in Christ Firmly growing on the Truth Getting rooted in the living word Under the tree That tall tree A stem so straight A star shining from afar A light to the world Under the tree Repleting the lost lea ... Read Christian Poetry

The Thief  
Christian Poetry  - Temptation
Fiction: False
The fruits of this world, So sweet and delicious. In them, the thief has put a bait Just to catch you in his horrendous fantasy. If you tread carelessly, You will get lost in his vanity. Death being the ultimate prize, For the thief has come to kill and destroy. Easy come, easy go, Sweat to have sweet. Don’t be a proponent of thief, just to gain the ... Read Christian Poetry

Christian Poetry  - Christian Living
Fiction: False
I left his ways Lost in the ways of this world Thinking am safe without HIM HE who gives life In the pleasures of this world I thought I was enjoying Despising his name Rejecting his spirit The spirit of life Rebelling against his kingdom Forgetting that rebellion is as bad as witchcraft Arrogance is as sinful as idolatry But now my eyes can se ... Read Christian Poetry

Christian Poetry  - Christian Living
Fiction: False
On the road Laden with the load Weary and teary to trod Stuck on the earthly clod Our gait being broad With feet dragging on the road Precariously wallowing with a peccadillo hoard Transgressions being on board Malingering from the LORD A bleak march abroad Lest Jesus Christ be the Lord This walk will be remembered ... Read Christian Poetry

From Above He Came  
Christian Poetry  - Jesus Christ
Fiction: False
From above He came The Word manifesting in flesh Exposing the Almighty’s unfathomable secret That man can dwell with GOD From above He came For the sick He descended The publicans and sinners were His pals For the hale and hearty do not need a doctor From above He came On the sea of sin He walked Never did He sink The impossible becoming possible From above He came He walked ... Read Christian Poetry

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