Running Against the Storm

Writer Author  Jerry Lee Kay Sr.
Christian Poetry : Overcoming Struggles  - Fiction  No

Christian Author Writer Standing on this mountain full of God's Love and Grace....Holy Spirit power is filling me to run this perilous Race.

In the distance I see a storm cloud making it's quick Advance...twisting, and breathing a life of it's own, doing it's evil Dance.

Searching for something, or someone, to cause great Harm...........I can hear the voice of many waters sounding an Alarm.

Fear struck my heart I wondered, will this be the death of Me....I am high on this mountain that's where I was told I should Be.

I remember the word of one that saw men as trees Walking...his eye wasn't clear, and the storm was relentlessly Stalking...
then came the second touch of the Master's hand, and it left men Gawking.

His eyes opened wide and clear vision he Received...there were no longer limits and he couldn't be Deceived

Suddenly I heard the song of a mighty eagle calling to Me...look now through my eyes and let me set you Free.

On his wings I see multicolored reflections of a Rainbow and he's all Aglow...he thrills me as he rides calmly...upon that stormy Flow

I cried to brother eagle, come take me from this awful Place...he sang his song of God's love and safety through His Grace

My brother you will never fly as I fly, but I will teach you to See...and you will know that beyond this storm is where you will Be. 

He lifted me high upon his wings as we glided through the Storm...joyfully singing his song...Clear vision is all you need to Transform,
then your life will surely change, when you can see through my eyes, and victory will forever be your Norm.

Higher than the mountain we soared seeing through the eye of the Eagle...Listening to him as he sings his song, no other sound can be so Regal

He sang, what glorious vision we can have while standing on this Earth...Seeing through His eyes we will not experience all its Dearth.

He will touch you with His music, listen to the song, and let it'll see clearly through the storm till comes a brighter Day. 

Gone are the dark clouds that made me so blind, I can see clearly Now...because Abba Father has given me His Vow

Running against the storm when seeing through the eye of the Eagle...We know that His love and grace will make us stand against all that's Evil.

Listen to my message and you will See, on this we should surely Agree...I bring you good news with this my Decree..
We can be happy, we can sing and Dance...the storms are not always as bad as first Glance...remember, He came our lives to Enhance...

Like a lazy flowing river we can glide through this stormy Journey...not listening to satan's deadly blarney...when we see, we have Jesus for our Attorney

Come fly with me, we are going higher than the mountain, we'll go to the eagle place and see it all through His Eyes...My! My! what a wonderful Surprise
when we realize what all that Implies....

O' dear friend don't you feel it growing as He sets our mind Free...and we know without a doubt He has heard our humble Plea...I see castles in the Sky...I hear a Love song, they make me want to Fly....His precious love we just cannot Deny.

I see so much clearer now, sometimes the rain will Fall...just listen to the music...and we will hear Him Call..and He will always lift us above it All.

Thank You Jesus for your Love and Promise to be with us as we journey and sometimes...Run Against the Storm.

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