A City of Glee

Writer Author  Jerry Lee Kay Sr.
Christian Poetry : Inspirational  - Fiction  No

Christian Author Writer John the revelator speaks of the city built foursquare,
No need for a temple, God Almighty and the Lamb be there.
That city shall have no need for the sun nor moon to shine,
For the glory of God and the light of the Lamb shall combine.
Those saved by His blood shall walk in the light thereof,
And bask in His glory for eternity, full of joy peace and  love
Life is short, as only a vapor in these elder years,
But deep within I carry so many precious souvenirs.
Souvenirs of victory, on this journey I have walked,
Open windows of heaven and love He has unlocked.
Speak words of healing to those that carry a broken heart,
Our lips anointed with words of life that only He can impart.
To be His hand extended and bring Oil of Joy for all the tears,
Beauty for ashes and deliverance for so many are full of fears.
Let our life produce Manna and strength from Him to share,
Water from the well, that releases the thirsty from despair.
Lead us, teach us, Holy Spirit that many we may bring to thee
For we know You are preparing a place, called the city of Glee
In Your city of Glee there be no sadness nor heartache there
No more sickness, nor war, shall we be called upon to bear.
For only Your precious Love for eternity we shall know
A place where all the saints of all ages shall be aglow
A city so full of Glee we shall daily sing and dance and shout
A city of victory for the race we ran, never again to be in doubt
When that day finally comes and we stand before the throne
I shall praise you my Lord for all the mercies You have shown
I will forever be rejoicing for the precious blood you shed for me
And shall live forever and ever in Your beautiful city of Glee.
Jerry Lee Kay Sr.

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