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Christian Author Writer Today I knocked at Heavens door
As I have, so many times before

And my Father asked, what can I do for you my son ?

Now that you stand so boldly before my throne
And I cried,My Father ! I come not on my own
Jesus was there,and I knew I stood there not alone

I fell to my knees and cried, Holy !! Holy !! Is this place
I was fearful and afraid, until I felt His warm embrace

Round about me did shine, all of His sweet wonderful glory
All about me, a great throng singing the greatest Love story

And I began to weep, I was so filled with His lovely peace
He whispered to me, this is my Love that shall never cease

Today my Lord, I come before You, not for my need
Only to praise you, for in those you always exceed

This abundant life, by your grace, has been given
And my sins by Your Son have all been forgiven

This Sacred Romance, because of Jesus came my way
Gives to me, the reason, to live my life with joy each day

Praise You my Father, for once again my words do fail
But Your love,Grace and Mercy has lifted the Holy veil

All around me a wonderful warm glow
And such a soft sweet peaceful flow

Some called Him Holy Spirit,some called him Holy Ghost
One thing is for certain He is a part of the heavenly Host

I feel like Jeremiah of old, He is a fire shut up in my bones
For above all things He has taken away all of my unknowns

My God ! My Jesus ! My Lord ! The thought of it all, leaves me
" Breathless "

Jerry Lee Kay Sr.

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