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Christian Author Writer As I walk through this mist in the cool spring night, many
As I walk through this mist in the cool spring night, the many memories that now flood
My heart, my mind, my soul, memories that could never be, without His shed Blood

Memories that are precious, and memories that are sweet, memories that shall always be,
My My what an exciting adventurous life that you have chosen to give to me.

Listening to the sounds of this lovely night,
I stepped from the mist into a wondrous light,
And I rejoice in my heart of your Holy might.

How you managed to give to me the will to live
And all the love you have continued to give.

My God, My God ! I draw my strength, from the very precious beat of Your Holy heart.

And then you gave to me, a new heart, so that I could walk in your will,
O' Holy Spirit come to me, and teach me how and when to just, be still.

Divine stillness is an experience that we enter into through and by an inner training of the
Soul,by not only ceasing from sin and various forms of worldly or churchly ambition,but by
Being conquered by divine providence,and the dealings of the Holy Spirit,and becoming
Subdued by the Holy Spirit.

" Be still and know that I am God "

Being subdued into that Holy hush is like the breathless quietness of a serene sunset,after
The storms of the day have sunken below the horizon.
After the clouds have melted into the invisible upper air, after the tired winds have sunken
Below the whisper point, after the ripples have been smoothed out from the fretted surface
Of the sea, and the almost audible silence of the evening stars speak down into our listening
Hearts and souls and minds.

Zachariah described the restoration of Israel, and the rebuilding of Jerusalem, and the great
Joy of the people, and concluded by saying," Be silent, all flesh, before the Lord, for He is lifted
Up out of His Holy Habitation.
It is as true, in this hour as it was in that ancient time,that all flesh is to be silent when the Lord is
Lifted up.

When Elijah was praying in the secret cave in the mountain of Horeb, he had to pass through
The cyclone of rending rocks,and the fire of the forked lighting,and the echoing of the thunder
That turned every mountain glen into a tongue,and when all things in nature and in the human
Had gone through their performance, it was then that down from the heavens fell the Divine
Stillness, softer than the tread of the falling snow, and out of that stillness from the very life of God
There came supernatural endowments that made Elijah the fit agent to commission prophets
And kings, and also fitted him with immortal wings to soar alive to the living and eternal Lord.

We need our minds kept so serene in God, that out of Himself, the heavenly dew will distill upon
Us, as out of the quiet night, sweet moisture gathers on the grass.

I fear that our own religious ambitions,and zeal keep us from knowing the vastness, the truth and
The sweet wisdom in the nature and the ways of God.
But it is God himself that must put his Holy Hush upon us, it is when He says, " Be still " that still-
Ness comes. It was when Jesus spoke that the winds ceased,and so our rest comes from Him,
And it must be spoken from His Heart into ours.

Lead me now so that I may be, an extension of His hand
And so that I may know, when I should just simply stand.
" So that I may hear the Beat of His Heart "

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