A River Called Trinity

Writer Author  Jerry Lee Kay Sr.
Christian Poetry : Inspirational  - Fiction  No

Christian Author Writer I went down to the river and sat on the sandy bank and watched
As it flowed toward the sea. I watched as logs and tree limbs and
Debris, from another time and another place floated by, and I wondered
How long will it take for it to get to the sea and it's final destination?
And I considered it all.

And then I wondered, what is time? What is eternity? What is Man?
And what did God have in mind for him? And how long will it take for
Us to get there? To our final destination.
And I considered it all.

The Holy Spirit is here, he is speaking softly to me and showing me,
That the river is symbolic of how He works in my life. And I can hear
The voice of one saying, I will pour water upon him that is thirsty and
I will pour my Spirit and my blessing upon your offspring.
And I considered it all.

I grew weary of my considerations and lay myself down to rest awhile.
And a deep sleep came over me and I could hear the voice of my Beloved,
Calling to me, and he took me in the Spirit to another time and another place.

I drank from the stream of life and I can see how shallow it is.
I drank from the well of Living waters and I cannot thirst.
I drank from the waters of the river of Life and I cannot fail.
I drank from the wells of Salvation and I am filled with joy

My joy is so full sometimes I think I surely shall burst
And I know this "is" a part of eternity, give me Jesus
He Is mine, He is mine, He is mine His name makes my heart happy
I want to sing to Him, I want to tell Him how much I love Him.

The Father,The Son,The Holy Spirit,They all make up the " River "
That flows to you and I.

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