Dew Drops Of Mercy

Writer Author  Jerry Lee Kay Sr.
Christian Poetry : Inspirational  - Fiction  No

Christian Author Writer I stand at the bottom of this mountain,I can see the task that is before me,
Fear is trying to grip my heart.

I can see how hard this one will be to get over, I can see how rough this side
Will be to climb.

Fear is here again, trying to grip my heart, and then a surge within, from the
God that I have known for so long.

And I am glad in my heart that I know him, for I have been in places like this,
In times past.

And the dew drops of Mercy, began to fall, the blessed Holy Spirit is here.

My, My, My how fear does subside in His presence, how peace comes
When He is here.

I look behind me and I can see how many mountains I have already climbed.
And there are many.

It seems as though this mountain has become only a hill.

Wait for me while I give Him praise

For He is the Alpha and the Omega, The great I Am, He is my Strength, my Shield

Wait for me while I give Him praise

I looked at my feet and they are as Hinds feet and they are planted on solid rock
The rock of ages. I can do all things in Christ Jesus.

Wait for me while I give him praise.

For the dew drops of Mercy are falling again.

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