Living Above The Snake Line

Writer Author  Jerry Lee Kay Sr.
Christian Poetry : Encouragement  - Fiction  No

Christian Author Writer I heard the voice of my Savior and responded to His call. It left me amazed and standing in awe.
He sent the Holy Spirit and filled me with his love. I know from this I can never withdraw.

The Comforter has always been here for me. He gives me direction on this journey called life.
Walking through the valley, crossing the hot dry desert or reaching for the mountain peaks,
This is the way, walk ye in it. I will give to you hinds feet and take you above this strife.

I met the viper in the valley, the serpent in the desert and the snake on the mountain side,
Wondering is there no escape from this nasty creature on this journey called life.

Fought off the viper in the valley, wrestled with the serpent in the desert, almost lost my way,
I could see the high places of the mountain, all the time thinking when will be my day.

I wonder if snakes are on the mountain, it seems so beautiful from here.
So tired of the struggle. So tired. So tired and no longer filled with cheer.

A voice kept saying to me, "There are snakes on the mountain. Same as the desert. Same as the valley.
Why don't you give it up and forget all of this? It will always be a struggle. Turn back, turn back,
Turn back, before it's too late." And then I heard the call deep in my Spirit! This is not the finale!
Put on the whole armor of God and prepare for the fight! My, My, then I began to rally.

My Savior said, "Yes, there are snakes on the mountain! But I am taking you to the high place.
So high! So high! Snakes will not abide. It's all about submission, living in this higher space."

"So high! So high! Only overcomers will abide, living up above, the "Snake Line"

You say the "snake line" is just an imaginary thing. Well my friend, I beg to differ.
If my redeemer said it, then there is no issue,it is a settled thing and I have no time to bicker.

"So high! So high! Only overcomers will abide, living up above the "Snake Line"

Come my child let us start to ascend. WE made it through the valley. We made it through
The desert. I have been with you through all of these places, even when you almost lost your
way. Come climb with me. I will make your feet as hinds feet and give you a larger view.

"So high! So high! Only overcomers will abide, living up above the "Snake Line"

Come climb with me! You and I together shall transcend the heights of the carnal mind.
And though great chasms we may encounter as we ascend, nothing can compare to that
Glorious day when we shall arise to that wonderful joy divine. That wonderful fellowship
Living up above the snake line.

2007 Jerry Lee Kay Sr.

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