Great Expectations

Writer Author  Sandra Perry
Christian Poetry : God  - Fiction  No

Christian Author Writer There once was a guy named Jabez.
No doubt you’ve heard of him.
He’s gotten a lot of attention as of late
about a certain prayer he prayed,
and a fine prayer it was.

Thing is...

When Jabez asked for his territory to be increased,
he probably didn’t expect the Lord to already have it plowed.

You’ve also doubtless heard of a certain group
of Hebrew Children
delivered from slavery in Egypt.
They were given a Promised Land.
A land flowing with milk and honey
and just crawling with pagans and idolaters.

You know...

God could have gotten rid of the riff-raff
with a wave of his hand
before His Kids even got there,
but He didn’t.

You see...

God is merciful and gracious
and gives us all good gifts,
but sometimes
some assembly is required.

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