Christian Writer Author: Sandra Perry
Location: Tennessee , United States

Christian AuthorSandra Perry is a real estate paralegal by day and freelance writer, wife and mom by night. She is active in the choir and liturgical dance group at Cornerstone Church in Memphis, Tennessee. Her work has appeared in The Lookout magazine,,, The Epistle of Cornerstone Church, Strate Magazine,, The Sidewalk's End, and Wanton Words.

I've Written . . .

Daddy's Special Girl  
Christian Article  - Christianity
Fiction: False
Given the dysfunctional relationship I had with my biological father, I get great joy from watching my husband and our daughter sharing popcorn and watching football on a Sunday afternoon. On one particular Sunday, my husband was teasing Ashlyn, asking her why she deserved to share Daddy’s popcorn. Without hesitation she answered, “’Cause I’m Daddy’s Special Girl.” The confidence and faith ... Read Christian Article

Great Expectations  
Christian Poetry  - God
Fiction: False
There once was a guy named Jabez. No doubt you’ve heard of him. He’s gotten a lot of attention as of late about a certain prayer he prayed, and a fine prayer it was. Thing is... When Jabez asked for his territory to be increased, he probably didn’t expect the Lord to already have it plowed. You’ve also doubtless heard of a certain group of Hebrew Children delivered from slavery i ... Read Christian Poetry

Christian Poetry  - Christianity
Fiction: False
Insulated, protected, hidden. No risk taking, please. I’ve never been tightrope walking, and I’ve no interest in what’s out on a limb. Yeah, I see the harvest. Looks pretty white to me, but do I really have to go OUT THERE? It’s scary out there, you know. Big lions prowling about seeking stuff to devour. Couldn’t I just write a check? My armor’s at the cleaners? I couldn’t possib ... Read Christian Poetry

Ugly Is as Ugly Does  
Christian Poetry  - Other
Fiction: False
It's easy to call it an "Ugly Truth". Much easier than admitting that I have an ugly heart. It's easier to call it a "test of faith" than to admit that I failed. It's easier to say that she's difficult than to admit that I'm not loving or patient enough. It's easier to say that I'm waiting for direction than to walk in the direction God's ordained, but that I don't want to go. ... Read Christian Poetry

Confessions Of A Worry Wart  
Christian Article  - Overcoming Struggles
Fiction: False
Sitting on my couch on a cold and dreary Saturday watching nothing in particular on TV, obsessing over the anxiety du jour, I had a sudden realization. If worry doesn't add a single hour to our lives, why do we often worry as if our very lives depended on it? There comes a point in every life when you realize that you are not in charge, you've never been in charge, and you're not ever going to ... Read Christian Article

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